Shoreline Scholars FAQs

Where can I get more information?

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What does the scholarship pay for?

The Shoreline Scholars scholarship pays for up to full tuition for two years. Fees, books and other miscellaneous expenses are not covered by this scholarship. You may be eligible for other financial assistance in addition to Shoreline Scholars.

What if I complete my degree before two years has passed?

The scholarship will pay up to full tuition for two years. If you decide to take classes beyond your degree, those would be allowed until two years has passed as long you maintain scholarship eligibility.

What can I study?

All programs and areas of study at Shoreline Community College are covered by this scholarship.

Who can apply?

  • You are eligible to apply if:
    • You reside in Shoreline or Lake Forest Park or you attend a public, private or home school in Shoreline.
    • And, you are a Washington state resident or are HB1079 eligible.

Which high schools are in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park?

Public high schools are Shorecrest and Shorewood. Private high schools include King's and Shoreline Christian. Home school students in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park are also eligible.

I attend a high school in Shoreline’s district, but I live outside the district. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, as long as you meet other application requirements.

I attend a high school outside Shoreline’s district, but I live within the district. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, as long as you can verify residency is within the boundaries of Shoreline's district and meet other application requirements.

I am a home schooled student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, as long as you meet the application requirements.

I am graduating early from high school. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, students graduating early for 2018 are eligible as long as you meet the other application requirements.

I am an international (foreign exchange) student. Am I eligible to apply?

No, this scholarship is only for students who are Washington residents or HB1079 eligible.

I am a College Bound student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, College Bound students are encouraged to apply as long as they meet the application requirements.

I am a Running Start student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, as long as they meet the application requirements, Running Start students are encouraged to apply and may complete their AA degree.  Students who have already completed their AA degree are not eligible.

What are the academic and financial need requirements?

  • Academic requirements
  • Financial need requirements
    • All applicants must:
      • Complete the FAFSA (or WASFA in HB 1079 eligible) and include Shoreline's school code of 003791. For the purposes of the Shoreline Scholars program, financial need will be determined by the college and will be based on various factors including the expected family contribution as calculated by the FAFSA or WASFA and the cost of the attendance.
      • Eligible students with an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $7,000 or less on the FAFSA are likely to qualify for a full Shoreline Scholars scholarship. Reduced scholarships are possible with a slightly higher EFC.
        • Note: Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is not the same as K-12 requirements for programs such as free and reduced lunch. Determinations of financial need are determined based on documents submitted for this scholarship, including the FAFSA or WASFA.
  • Other
    • Plan to enroll at Shoreline in fall term immediately following your high school graduation or diploma completion
    • Plan to enroll full-time at Shoreline with a minimum of 6 credits

How do I apply?

  • When can I apply for the scholarship?
  • Can I mail my application materials?
    • No, you must hand-deliver your completed application materials to the Shoreline Community College campus.

Why the focus on Shoreline and Lake Forest Park?

Shoreline Scholars is a program for the college to invest back into the community. The Shoreline Community College District includes the cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park.

Maintaining your scholarship

I understand that I must maintain a required minimum GPA while enrolled at Shoreline to remain eligible for the scholarship. When are GPAs checked for eligibility?

Grades are checked at the end of spring quarter to verify that the required minimum GPA (2.75) has been maintained to determine eligibility for the following year.

I understand that community service is a requirement to maintain my scholarship. How many hours must be completed?

Students must complete at least 8 hours of community service in their first year. Please see your Shoreline Scholar advisor for recommendations on where you might complete these hours.

I earned Shoreline credit while in high school. Will those credits and grades count toward the minimum 36 credits and required minimum GPA needed to maintain my scholarship for the second year?

No, only credits and grades earned as a Shoreline Scholar will be factored into the minimum GPA and credit requirement to maintain the scholarship.

Can I repeat a class and replace with a higher grade to improve my cumulative GPA?

Yes, college policy allows for a course to be repeated and the lower grade noted with an "R." The R is excluded from the calculation of your grade point average and the associated course does not count toward your total number of credit hours. Before making the decision to replace grade, consult with an advisor to determine how this might impact your Shoreline Scholars eligibility. 

Other questions

What if my high school GPA is below 3.0 at the end of the first semester of my senior year?

A minimum 3.0 GPA is preferred to qualify for the scholarship. A GPA of 2.75+ is considered if you also submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or counselor.

If my weighted GPA is 2.75 or better, am I eligible for the scholarship?

Your GPA must be at least 2.75, unweighted.

Can I enroll in summer or do I have to wait to start in fall?

You may start college either term. However, the scholarship benefits will only be available beginning fall term. The scholarship does not cover the summer immediately following high school graduation, but can cover the next summer between your first and second years enrolled at Shoreline.

Can I take more than 12 credits per term?

Yes, the scholarship will pay for credits beyond the 12-credit minimum each term, including the summer after your first year at Shoreline.

I'm graduating early from high school and I want to take classes at Shoreline before the Shoreline Scholars program begins in the fall. Will I still be eligible for the program if I take classes in the spring or summer?

The Shoreline Scholars scholarship begins the fall term immediately following high school graduation. Enrolling in courses at Shoreline prior to fall term will not affect your Shoreline Scholars eligibility. You will be responsible for paying tuition, fees, etc. for classes taken prior to fall term.


 Updated 2/28/2018