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Program Organization

Net Zero Energy

The Clean Energy Technology program is organized around the idea of acheiving Net Zero Energy in the Built Environment.

Net Zero Energy is a set of practices and technologies that when used together, can create a building or group of buildings, that uses no more energy than it generates in a year. This is done by designing, building, and operating exemplary buildings that meet user needs but that sip energy. To achieve net zero, the building includes a renewable energy system located on site – in many cases it is a solar photovoltaic system. To learn more, see the following link

Even if a building (or group of buildings) does not achieve Net Zero Energy, the practices and technologies are tested, scalable, and economically viable. The fundamentals are also applicable to any building - existing or new.

Our program organization is based around the practices and technologies that can make this a reality.



The classes in the foundations concentration cover energy analysis fundamentals, technical drawings, and survey classes on renewable energy and energy in the built environment.

Renewable Energy

The classes in the renewable energy concentration cover electrical theory, electrical safety, solar electric system design, application, analysis, and solar thermal applications.



High Performing Buildings

The classes in the high performing buildings concentration cover the assemblies, systems, and energy efficiency technologies that affect building energy performing for small and large building types focusing on Net Zero Energy practices and technologies.

Virtual Design and Electives

The classes in the virtual design concentration utilize CAD and BIM modeling to design and analyze clean energy systems in buildings. There are design studio, work based learning, and green building standards (LEED©) studies available for advanced students.




Sustainable Business Practices

The Sustainable Business concentration supports a variety of practices related to the successful operation of a business in Clean Energy Technology.