Biology Faculty

Joyce Fagel

Science Advisor: 
Joyce Fagel




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Full Time Faculty

Contact lead faculty (below) with specific questions in the respective discipline.


Senior Assoc Faculty:

Movakel Sargizi

Brian Saunders

 John Moffat


Emeritus Faculty:

Caralee Cheney

Stephen Goetz



Part Time Faculty:

David Baldwin

Bob Finney

Nat Gibson

Evan Houston

Dina Kovarik

Adhanom Legesse

Matt Legters

Tracey Miller

John Moffat

Stephanie Namciu

Sandy Porter

Erica Sciara





Leoned Gines


Leoned Gines

Cell Biology Lead Faculty

Office: 2815

Phone: 206-546-4543 

Guy Hamilton


Guy Hamilton (Program Chair)

Biotechnology Program Director

Office: 2809
Phone: 206-546-4786

Matt Loper


Matt Loper

Environmental Science and Botany Lead Faculty

Office: 5351
Phone: 206-546-4683 


Adria Magrath


Adria Magrath
(more info coming)


Judy Penn


Judy Penn

Microbiology Lead Faculty

Office: 2807
Phone: 206-546-4782 

Kira Wennstrom

Kira Wennstrom

Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology Lead Faculty

Office: 2816
Phone: 206-546-4578


Support Staff:




James Schulz

Biology/Biotechnology Lab Technician

Office: 2930

Phone: 206-546-4724


Amy Easton


Amy Easton

Biology Lab Technician

Office: 2608




Program Coordinator,

Amgen Bruce Wallace Lab Program

Office: 2930

Phone: 206-546-4724