A person with a drug or alcohol dependency problem can get help from a number of sources: 

  • The Washington State Employee Advisory Service can provide a resource list of treatments and doctors covered by your medical insurance (for eligible employees). They also have a list of other community resources to contact for assessment. Call 206-281-6315. 
  • The Advising & Counseling Center located in the Foss building (5229) offers assistance to students confronted with various challenges, including referral for assistance with drug and alcohol concerns. Call 206-546-4559. 
  • Shoreline Community College Wellness Committee Chair, Vice President for Human Resources: 206-546-4764. 
  • Consult the local telephone directory for private practitioners and agencies (Yellow Pages- under Alcohol Abuse and Addiction - and Drug Abuse and Addiction -Information and Treatment), and for Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous.
  • Alcohol & Drug 24 Hour Help Line: 1-800-562-1240 (information and referral)
  • Alcohol/Drug Teen Help Line: 206-722-4222 (information and referral) 
  • Crisis Clinic, 24 Hour Crisis Line: 206-461-3222 1-800-244-5767 (information and referral) 
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (information and referral): 
    • Bellevue: 425-454-9192 
    • Seattle: 206-587-2838 
    • Edmonds: 425-672-0987 
    • Everett: 425-252-2525 

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information: 1-800-662-HELP. (publications, information and referral)  WA State Alcohol and Drug Clearinghouse: 206-725-9696 (publications, information and referral)