Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Safety and Security to provide campus security services which enhance and support the Strategic Plan of Shoreline Community College. Our goal is to promote a safe and welcoming environment which recognizes and is respectful of diversity, and which improves the quality of campus life for students, faculty and staff.

All students, faculty and staff contribute to making Shoreline a safe, nurturing environment for learning. We cannot isolate ourselves from the world that surrounds us. The Shoreline neighborhood that surrounds our campus is one of the safest in the City of Shoreline. Yet, like anywhere else one would go, there can be dangers. The Department of Campus Safety and Security is committed to ensuring the safety of students, employees, and visitors through effective policies and procedures, educational programming, and community involvement.

There are four main aspects to our goals:

  • To Serve and Protect:

    • To create a safe environment conducive to learning by providing campus-wide patrol and surveillance
    • Responding to various campus incidents and calls for aid
    • Daily inspection of security systems, equipment, buildings, and property
    • Service to the campus community, providing a variety of services and assistance
  • Crime Prevention:

    • Providing educational programs to the campus which cultivate safety and security awareness.
    • Engaging in proactive anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of crime risks, and taking the action needed to remove or reduce that risk.
  • Parking Maintenance:

    • To administer the campus parking and permit program, which accommodates a large variety of daily and special events on campus.
    • To maintain a revenue flow which supports the maintenance of existing parking, off-site parking options, and supports alternate forms of transportation to campus.
    • Provide efficient and courteous services to the public and campus community, including traffic movement, response to accidents, resolution of non-criminal disputes, and emergency auto assistance, as needed.
  • Violence Reduction:

    • To bring awareness to and provide education and training in De-Escalation, Harassment, Intimidation, Work Place Violence, and Domestic Violence
    • Cultivate a community of responsibility, caring, and willingness to report crime and violent incidents to the Security Department or Police.