Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle Parking:

1. South of the 1000 bldg.
2. West of the 1700 bldg.
3. South of the 2000 bldg.
4. North End of the 3000 bldg.
5. East side of the 9000 bldg.
6. North side of the 2500 bldg.

Bicycle Parking

1. 800 bldg. (north side)
2. 1000 bldg. (south east corner)
3. 2000 bldg. (front entrance)
4. 2200 bldg. (south side)
5. 3000 bldg. (west side lower level)
6. 4000 bldg. (east side)
7. 4000 bldg. (main entrance)
8. 5000 bldg. (lower level)
9. 9000 bldg. (south end lower level)

Bicycle Parking      WAC 132G-116-205

Bicycles should be parked in bicycle racks or other facilities provided for that purpose. At no time shall a bicycle be parked in a bldg., against a bldg., near a bldg. exit, on a path or sidewalk, nor chained or otherwise secured to trees, lamp standards, or sign posts, nor parked in such a way as to obstruct access to any college property or to endanger any pedestrian right of way. Any bicycle found in violation of this section may be cited for illegal parking and impounded by the College's Safety and Security department without warning, $25.00 fine.

Motorcycle Parking

You must park in the designated motorcycle parking areas. They are located west of bldg. 1700 and near the stairway north of the 3000 bldg. (gym). There is also a small motorcycle area in the visitor lot. You do not need a permit, but if you are parked in a space other than a motorcycle area, you will be cited.

Locations for Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking

Bike and motorcycle parking locations map