Access To Campus Facilities

Most campus buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the campus community, guest, and visitors during normal business hours Monday through Friday, excluding holidays (generally, the campus and parking facilities are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.). Saturday class sessions during the academic year, the Campus Fitness Center (gym), Auto Center, the library, and other select Shoreline Community College service areas have varying hours of operation. Students should familiarize themselves with the hours of operation for whatever facility they might need to use.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report any safety or security concerns directly to the Department of Campus Safety and Security located 5102.

Emergencies and Assistance:

  • The Department of Campus Safety and Security may be reached by
    calling: (206) 235-5860 - from off campus calls, cell phone calls, or for after hours calls.
  • 4499 From on campus, office phones for emergency assistance.
  • 4633 From on-campus, office phones for non-emergency assistance.
  • 9-911 From on-campus phones for emergency assistance when the Shoreline Community College Security is not available or the situation warrants an immediate law enforcement/ medical / fire service response to campus.