Entry Codes

If you have contacted a department for entry into a course based on test scores, transcripts, or other evidence of your abilities, you will receive a course entry code or "add code."

How do I use the course entry code?

This code tells the registration database that someone at the college has reviewed your documents and verified that you meet prerequisites.

  1. Go to Shoreline's web registration page.
  2. In the Item Number Field, enter the class item number that you want to add.
  3. Click the Submit Add/Drop button. Registration is blocked for the class and a message appears indicating that you do not automatically meet the prerequisite and a course entry code is required. In the blank field next to the message, enter the 5-digit code.
  4. Each code is specific to the quarter and the course, but not to a specific section (item number) of the course.
  5. Each code can only be used once. If you need to change sections, you will need to contact the department for another code.

I am using the entry code but I still cannot register online.

Additional reasons registration for a class may be blocked are:

  1. You are trying to register before your assigned registration date.
  2. You are a new student at Shoreline CC and have an advising requirement. This is true if you do not have previous college experience and are planning to study a certificate or degree program here. Please contact your advisor for more information.
  3. The class is already full. You will have an opportunity to add yourself to the waitlist.