HIIM Admission Process

ComputerAdmission to the Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) program is a two-step process:  Students must:

  1. Apply to the college for admission as a Shoreline Community College student.
  2. Apply to the program
  3. Submit application by U.S. mail or in person by June 30, 2019 to:

    Shoreline Community College

    Health Occupations - HIIM Program

    16101 Greenwood Ave. N

    Shoreline, WA 98133

To Our Prospective Students

The Health Informatics and Information Management programs are 100% online.

Pre-requisite classes/skills for entrance into HIIM

Learn more about the classes/skills that must be met prior to applying for entrance into the HIT and MCRS programs. Students need to have all prerequisite courses either completed or in process to be considered for admission at the time the HIIM application is received. 

Information Sessions

We encourage you to view the online informational meeting. If available and, If you are local, you can attend a face-to-face informational session.

During the online, and or campus experience, one of the HIIM faculty members will discuss both Health Informatics and Information Management programs including descriptions of the careers, employment opportunities, curriculum, process to obtain course equivalency approvals, and admission process.

Classes available without need of formal HIIM acceptance

Students wishing to enter any of the HIIM programs may take the following classes in the curricula without formal HIIM faculty approval or acceptance into the program:



Excel (also fulfills the college's quantitative reasoning requirements)

HIIM 134

Medical Terminology (prerequisite is ENGL 100/ESL 100 or equivalent)



ACCT 201

Accounting (for MCRS majors)

BUS 104 or 105

Human Relations (for MCRS majors)



3-5 credits in any multicultural issues course from the approved
General Ed. List (for HIT majors)


Quant. Reason.


Quantitative Reasoning course (see this page for the complete list)


Gen Ed List

 Approved List of General Ed Course requirements/Alternates

There are other HIIM classes that students may take on a space available basis prior to formal approval and with permission of the HIIM program advisor; however, completion of English 101 and other pre-requisites will be required. Students who have already received formal acceptance into any of the HIIM programs will have first priority.

  • HIIM 120 Survey of Health Care Delivery (prerequisite English Composition 101)
  • HIIM 170 Legal Aspects of Healthcare (prerequisite English Composition 101)
  • HIIM 174 Pharmacology (prerequisites English Composition 101, HIIM 134 Medical Terminology or BIO 170 Human Biology).
  • HIIM 175 Human Diseases (prerequisites English Composition 101, HIIM 134 Medical Terminology or BIO 170 Human Biology). 

Please note: Taking these classes does not suggest a student has been approved for entrance into the HIIM program nor will taking these classes provide students a better opportunity for selection into the program. However, it will make your curriculum load lighter by not having to take so many courses in the future.

The HIIM Programs may modify this information from time to time. It is important to check the announcements page periodically to determine if changes are made that would apply to students.

Admission into year two

Health Information Technology (HIT) students, if accepted into the first year of the program, are not automatically accepted into the second year of the program; a formal re-admission process will be used. Please be aware that grades, class attendance, dependability, and appropriate social interaction with faculty and fellow students are important considerations in that process. 

The re-admission process to the second year of the Health Information Technology program is made during the Spring quarter of the first year. The Program Director will provide all forms and instructions.

Basic requirements include completion of all first year courses by the end of summer quarter and meeting at least a minimum of 2.0 or higher in all courses required in the HIT curriculum. No "P" or "Pass" Grades will be accepted except for challenge examinations approved by the HIIM Program Director. Students must obtain a numerical decimal or letter grade.