Accessible Technology

For assistance with any of these technologies, contact Student Accessibility Services to work with our Assistive Technology Specialist by emailing or calling (206) 546-4545.


Read&Write by TextHelp Systems supports people with reading, writing, pronouncing, and learning English. It is an excellent resource for those who have learning disabilities, processing disorders, low vision, and more. This software also offers flexible literacy solutions to help with studying and research. Read&Write is available to the public, and does not require approval from disability services. Shoreline Community College owns an unlimited site license, allowing this software to be available for all Mac and PC computers on and off campus.


JAWS by Freedom Scientific is a screen reader program and is available from any networked PC at Shoreline Community College. This software is available to the public, and does not require approval for disability services.  JAWS is intended to assist individuals with visual impairments. JAWS provides complete navigation of a computer using a keyboard with audio feedback.


Dragon, and Dragon Dictate for Mac, are programs by Nuance are speech recognition softwares, known as speech-to-text (STT). The user of this product speaks into a microphone to allow hands-free navigation of computer systems, writing documents, and interaction with other applications. Ask Student Accessibility Services for available locations. Dragon works best with minimal background noise. Students must be approved for have the approved accommodation in order to use the Student Accessibility Services computers equipped with Dragon in one of SAS's rooms.


Smartpens are accompanied by a special notebook. The pen allows audio recording while writing notes. Using the notebook, the user is able to navigate the audio transcript corresponding with what was written on the page.  Smartpens can also convert handwritten to typed text with computer-based software. Students may check out Livescribe pens if they are approved for this accommodation.

If a student has this accommodation and would like to check out a Livescribe pen, they may contact Student Accessibility Services to work with SAS's Assistive Technology Specialist for assistance with installation of this software by emailing or calling (206) 546-4545.

FM Systems

Student Accessibility Services can check out Pocketalker, Phonic Ear, and Motiva Personal FM systems. These devices allow a person with a hearing disability to listen to speech through headphones with adjustable volume, while reducing echo and background noise. The microphone can be worn by the speaker, or placed on the table of a conference room. This must be an approved accommodation through Student Accessibility Services if a student chooses to use this equipment.

Magnification Screens

Student Accessibility Services can supply magnification screens to students in class, or in a testing room, with approval of disability accommodations. Magnification screens, such as our DaVinci screen, must be reserved. Students may work with SAS's Assistive Technology Specialist in order to better learn how to use this equipment. 

Other Technology and Equipment

The above list includes some, but not all, of the accessible/adaptive technology available to students. For all other inquiries about accessible technology, students should contact Student Accessibility Services to work with the Assistive Technology Specialist and find the best technology for them by emailing or calling (206) 546-4545.