Ten Quarter Option 

1.  When can I apply to the ten quarter option? 

The next cohort of students will be admitted to the 10 Quarter Option in Fall 2018. The application for the Ten Quarter Program for Fall 2018 will open in January 2018. The ten quarter program will admit students no more than once every two years.

2.  How does the ten quarter program option differ from the traditional six quarter option? 

Students in the traditional six quarter program carry approximately 12 credits per quarter.  Students in the ten quarter program will carry between 3 and 10 credits with an average of 7-8 credits per quarter.

There are no summer classes in the traditional six quarter option.  Students enrolled in the ten quarter program will have classes scheduled during the summer.  The traditional six quarter program observes the traditional college calendar.  The ten quarter program will include planned breaks, but classes may begin and end at different times than the traditional college quarters. 

Students entering the ten quarter program in Fall should complete the program approximately 9 months after students entering the traditional six quarter program the same quarter.

The sequence of classes in the ten quarter program will be different from that in the traditional six quarter program.  However, the same content will be included in both programs.

3.  What schedule can I expect? 

The Nursing Program consists of theory (lecture/discussion) classes; skills lab where students learn and practice skills in a practice lab; and clinical experience in acute and long-term care settings, working with clients and patients.  In the ten quarter program the theory and skills lab classes will be scheduled during the late afternoon and evening hours.  The clinical experiences may be scheduled as early as 6:30 AM or as late as 10:30 PM.  Students should expect to have classes scheduled 2-3 days per week throughout the program. 

4.  Where will the clinical experiences be scheduled? 

The clinical sites used in the ten quarter program will be similar to those used in the traditional six quarter program.  Students will be placed in long-term care settings, in school settings, and in acute care hospitals and clinics.  

5.  Is it possible to transfer between the traditional six quarter and the ten  quarter program? 

Changing between programs would only be permitted on a space available basis.  Because the ten quarter program admits infrequently, there could be a long delay before the appropriate quarter was available in the ten quarter program to permit this type of transfer.  It would be more likely, but not guaranteed, that there would be space available to permit a student to transfer from the ten quarter option to the traditional six quarter option.  There would have to be a documented student need to permit consideration of this type of transfer. 

6.  Who would benefit most from the ten  quarter program? 

All types of nursing programs are very rigorous.  The program was designed to meet the needs of individuals who have life demands that make it impossible for them to enroll in a more traditional full-time nursing program.  The program may also benefit individuals who have found a full-time load challenging in the past, and who learn best with a slightly slower pace.

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