Continuing Education

Thanks to the SCC Student Government, SCCANS is fortunate to have the financial ability to once again encourage students' participation in a variety of local continuing education opportunities and upcoming events sponsored by our Professional Nursing Associations. Apply now!


  1. Please consider your personal interests and anticipated directions in the profession, validate that your event choice and attendance will NOT conflict with class or clinical schedules or gain instructor approval, then submit a SCCANS Professional Activity Application (this link was broken) to either Sharon Stewart or Anna Shanks (Club Co-Advisors).  This includes some mechanism for reporting back to your classmates, or at a club meeting and ideally writing a brief contribution for consideration in the PULSE newsletter describing your experience.

  2. The Nursing Club hopes to cover your student registration costs (or a percentage - based on program's total cost,  # of student applicants, or funds available for remainder of this academic year).  Costs of transportation and parking, and food or materials not initially included in the registration fee will be the responsibility of attending students.

  3. Planning in advance is desired and often expected for early registration discounts... minimum planning time of 2-3 weeks before an event is realistic!  Once the application is approved by the SCCANS Sub-committee & Co-advisors, it will be determined if students should self-register directly and then be eligible for reimbursement -- or if the Nursing Club will process small group registrations and have the College pay in advance.

  4. Participation at such events under SCCANS Sponsorship also requires completion of SCC Club Travel Paperwork and understanding of student conduct standards.


Developing/Ongoing List of Events:

(Note: This is not an exclusive list and students may submit program flyers and registration info for any variety of nursing & healthcare events.)  The events that were listed seemed out of date, so I didn't bother copying them over here but I kept the table as a placeholder.

Event Title

Organization & Location

Event Date/Time

Costs & Deadlines


 Sources of past events: