Vocal Courses

MUSC 161 Class Voice - Beginning
MUSC 162 Class Voice - Intermediate
MUSC 163 Class Voice - Advanced
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced voice students learn the fundamentals and basic techniques needed in vocal performance to enhance their ability to sing in a performing ensemble and/or perform in public. End of quarter public performance. No audition required.

Private Voice Instruction:

MUSC 170 and 270 Private Instruction - Classical Voice 1 and 2 - First and Second Year
Students sing in a variety of languages, prepare for and give public performances. Students receive one-on-one mentoring to nurture artistic goals and improve vocal technique. This course enables the vocal music major to transfer two years of applied study to universities, colleges, and conservatories.

MUSC 184 and MUSC 284 Private Instruction - Popular Voice 1 and 2
Students are coached to sing in a variety of popular music styles preparing them to give pubic performances. Students receive one-on-one mentoring to nurture artistic goals and improve technique. Vocal exercises safely increase stamina and range while developing stylistic skills matching their genre of choice.

Skill-Specific Vocal Instruction:

Performance Techniques - MUSC 292
This class focuses on the various aspects of artistic performances. It is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for effective and professional performance presentations. Recommended for instrumentalists and vocalists. 

Singers Diction - MUSIC 211, MUSIC 212
Students perform musical compositions from the past 300 hundred years in Italian, German, French and English. These courses stress correct pronunciation through use of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Conducting - MUSIC 264
A beginning class in conducting with emphasis on beat patterns beat styles, score reading and preparation for conducting vocal and instrumental ensembles; Includes an overview of the history of the art of conducting.

Collaborative Piano - MUSIC 225
Pianists learn the skills and techniques of collaborating with vocalists and instrumental soloists.

Vocal Ensembles:

MUSC 147 Small Vocal Ensemble Performance
A music performance class designed for singers at an intermediate to advanced level. Students refine and enhance their group performance skills. Membership by audition. Please contact Dr. Charles Enlow for more information.

MUSC 175 Chamber Chorale
Mixed voice ensemble that performs choral music in several concerts each quarter. Usually tours during the year. Please contact Evan Norberg for more information.

MUSC 135 Shoreline Singers
This advanced a cappella ensemble performs a variety of challenging vocal music including classical, world music, modern music, and jazz. The group tours annually and schedules multiple performances each quarter. Please contact Evan Norberg for more information.

MUSC 144 Funk & Groove
Funk & Groove is an SCC music ensemble which provides opportunities for music students to perform and record songs in styles typical of commercial radio airplay from the 1970's to present. Registration requires permission from instructor. Please contact Jeff Kashiwa for more information.

Opera & Musical Theatre:

MUSC 164, 165, 166 - Musical Theater Performance (Spring Quarter)
Students perform a secondary musical theater role in full production, accompanied by orchestra.

MUSC 154, 155, 156 - Opera Workshop (Winter Quarter)
Students perform a minor role in a one-act opera and opera scenes in full production in English or the original language.


Choral Ensembles Director
Evan Norberg

Musical Theatre/Opera Workshop Director
Dr. Charles Enlow

Voice, Class Voice & Performance Techniques Instructor
Meg Stecker-Thorsen

Funk & Groove Music Director
Jeff Kashiwa