Summer Operating Hours July 10 – Sept 1

Mon-Thurs 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m.–noon

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific reason you are collecting this data? 

Yes, Shoreline and the other state community and technical colleges are collecting data to promote safe and welcoming learning environments, develop programs and services, and better track students’ progress and success. 


Will you report this information to outside agencies? 



What if I leave the question blank? Will you require me to select my sexual orientation?

No, a student can select “Prefer not to answer.” 


Will this information be disclosed to my peers or professors?

No, this information will remain confidential 


Who will have access to this registration information?

Institutional research departments at Shoreline and other state community and technical colleges will have access to the data. 


Will I be able to update and change my status after I register for classes? 

Yes, you can update and change your information at any point during your academic stay at Shoreline. Changes can be made at Enrollment Services located in the FOSS building or can be updated on the registration form during each quarterly enrollment period.  


Does your campus collect this information from faculty and staff? 



Will this information always be linked to my name? 



If I transfer schools, will you provide this information to them? 

No, this is confidential information. 


If another school or entity asks you for this information, will you provide it to them? 

No, this is confidential information.


If I provide this information, will it be kept private? 

Yes, the college will keep this information private.  Your answers to the questions will remain confidential. 


Have members of the campus community received training to provide support for this new initiative? 

Yes, some members of the campus have received training. Training will be ongoing at the campus. Faculty, staff and students can request and participate in LGBTQ Safe Zone trainings.


Does your campus have a clear procedure for reporting LGBTQ-related bias incidents and hate crimes? 

Yes, all bias-incidents and hate crimes should be reported to the Associate Dean for Students located in Room 5222. The Dean can also be contacted at 206-546-6910. You may also contact the Office of Safety and Security located in Room 5102 or call 206-546-4503.