Jobs at the Math Learning Center

How to Become a Front Desk Assistant

The Front Desk Assistant position is generally only given to students with Work Study awards through the Financial Aid Office. If you have a Work Study award and are interested in this position, please email to schedule an interview. Please include your resume.

How to Become a Learning Assistant (Tutor)

Learning Assistants must be comfortable helping students at a wide range of levels of mathematics. You should be comfortable with topics including: factoring; properties of exponents; linear, quadratic, absolute value, rational, exponential, and logarithmic equations and their graphs; functions; trigonometry; and derivatives. While many Learning Assistants are students at Shoreline Community College, you do not have to be a current student to apply.

Learning Assistants should have completed MATH& 211 or MATH& 152, or be currently taking MATH&152, with grades averaging around 3.5 or higher in prior math courses. Applicants who have not taken these courses but have taken MATH& 146 will sometimes be considered depending on their other mathematics coursework. Placement into ENGL 099 or ESL 099 or higher is also required. Learning Assistants must be proficient mathematically and able to explain concepts clearly using correct vocabulary. Additionally, you must be patient, able to work at the rate of the student you are assisting, and comfortable working with a diverse student body. Learning Assistants should be available to work at least five hours per week.

If you feel you meet these qualifications, please contact or submit an application using the online Tutor Application Form.

You must have the following items before you can be hired:

  • authorization to work in the United States
  • current transcript showing all mathematics courses taken (an unofficial one is accepted)
  • contact information for at least one reference who knows your abilities (math instructor preferred) or a letter of recommendation
  • a completed application form

If your application indicates that you are qualified for the position and the MLC is hiring new Learning Assistants, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. The interview will include a set of math problems at a range of levels for you to solve on paper, and a "mock tutoring" session in which the interviewer will act as a student who needs math help and you will provide assistance on several math questions.

Volunteer Learning Assistants

Some Learning Assistants are volunteers. You can volunteer in the Math Learning Center for as little as one hour per week, and it does not require authorization to work in the United States. Volunteers should have completed MATH&141 (Precalculus I), MATH 111 (Elements of Precalculus), or a higher-level mathematics course. If you are interested in volunteering, please email