JamaicaJune 2019
Application Deadline: March 2019
Credits: PSYCH 295 - 5 credits
Application process

Study Abroad and Service Learning Program

This course centers on an international service-learning project in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica.  We will go on a sixteen-day trip to live and work in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, a rural and economically impoverished area.  Most of our time and effort will be spent on community projects, primarily working with children between the ages of six and twelve at one of two local schoolhouses.

Prior to the trip students will attend a series of class sessions in which we cover subjects that are particularly relevant to the trip, including discussions/ lectures/exercises on cross-cultural psychology, child development and issues of race, gender and power.  Students also participate in workshops on preparations for teaching, Jamaican culture and history, and journal/field writing.  After the trip we engage in a period of critical reflection during which students complete writing assignments, relating the meaning of their service to course materials.  The course and trip is at the very least an adventure, and, for many of the more than one hundred students that have previously participated, the experience has been life altering.

Attendance at one of the Jamaica information meetings, led by Prof. Thompson, is required for eligibility to apply for trip and course.  During the information session (about an hour in length) detailed handouts of the course material and trip will be given along with a slide show presentation of previous trips/projects.  Information on important dates, course schedule, trip cost and fees, trip itinerary, food and lodging, course and trip requirements, course readings and assignments, service-learning projects, and application procedure will be presented and discussed.

For more information, contact instructor Bob Thompson.