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Academic Instruction

At Learning Center North, our teaching staff works closely with students to develop the skills necessary to obtain a GED™.  In our eyes, student progress has nothing to do with grades.  Rather, we want students to gain necessary academic skills while also developing habits of excellence.  In a nutshell, the academic support provided at LCN includes:

  • Individualized instruction to help students earn their GED
  • Preparation for the college entrance exam, ALEKS and Direct Self Placement (DSP)
  • Opportunities to develop the skill sets, mindset, and language required to be a successful college students
  • Post-GED instruction to help students excel in college courses


Employment Services

We recognize that increased competition in the work world today requires the inclusion of employment training services in our program practices.  To help our students develop marketable workplace skills and an understanding of what it takes to find and keep jobs, we offer the following services:

  • A series of six 2-hour classes that prepare youth to conduct a successful job search
  • One-on-one job search support and support for students who are currently employed
  • 10-13 week paid Service-Learning and Work Experience Internship opportunities for qualifying students
  • Flash service-learning opportunities with the opportunity to receive $50 incentives (such as Environmental Work Parties, Deep Roots Kitchen Project)
  • Instruction and assistance with:
         Job applications, references, resumes, and cover letters
         Interviewing techniques
         Identifying transferable skills, personal qualities, and strengths
         Self-directed job search activities
         Career exploration and planning


Case Management

We understand that barriers outside of school can have a profound effect on a student's ability to find success, academically and professionally.  To that end, we provide students with comprehensive support from our case management staff, which includes:

  • Assessment of student barriers through an intake session and planning to assist students in reducing barriers in order to be successful in their academic planning and goals
  • Referrals to community resources and assistance in dealing with barriers to academic and employment success like housing, parenting issues, legal issues, and substance abuse
  • Strategizing of future plans with follow-up sessions to keep students on track
  • In-depth discussions around the sacrifices needed to pursue academic or employment goals
  • Provision of support services for eligible students (e..g., bus tickets for transportation to and from school)
  • Individualized support and counseling as well as some emergency financial assistance
  • Help transitioning to free community college classes


Other Services/Benefits

  • Students can earn financial incentives for completing goals relating to academics and employment services
  • LCN pays GED testing fees