Student Voices



“The CEO Program has done more for me than I could have ever imagined. It's given me the tools to be a good student and a good mother and I feel ready to transfer to the UW. Teachers at Shoreline go the extra mile for you. ”
Class of 2014
UW School of Social Work, Class of 2016
White male student on campus


"When I came here I was pretty lost. I was out of school from 3rd to 9th grade and had a disappointing try at high school. Coming here was the best decision of my life. This is a genuine second chance. I've made great connections here and now have a job co-producing a radio show."
Digital Audio Engineering Major

African American female student on campus


"I have blossomed here. The program has exceeded my expectations and I've exceeded my expectations for myself. I've really grown as a human being and see so many opportunities ahead for me."
Student leader; Pursuing non-profit management

Woman of color in graduation cap and gown smiling in fromt of the white house


"The support and services CEO and LCN provided are without question the means by which I made it through community college, then transferred to GWU, and now on to graduate school. Every great academic and professional achievement is as a result of my CEO and LCN beginnings. "
George Washington University, B.A., 2013; University of Washington, Master of Public Administration, 2016