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Documentary Photography

July 13 - September 18, 2015
Lobby, Building 1000

The power of a photograph is undeniable. Even with the questions of the “photographic truth” held in the balance of the digital age, photography has become proof over its history. It started as proof of peoples’ existence and proof of the history of the human condition. It became proof of atrocities, of firsts, lasts, proof the world was round, that war is ugly and a horse can fly.  The power of documentary photography is in its ability to cause change, inform the masses, and above all, tell a story.


For this project, the students of Art 246: Documentary Photography were put into groups and asked to team up with a local non-profit, specifically a legitimate 501(c)(3). The assignment asked them to photograph over the course of the quarter and document the effort of their non-profit.  Images were donated to each group that opened their doors to our students and this show is a collection of that work.


Lauren Greathouse
Photography Instructor
Shoreline Community College