Applying for Scholarships

Tips for a successful application

Complete the application in full and follow directions

  • Read the application carefully. Follow instructions!
  • Pay attention to the details. This could be anything from formatting an essay, making sure everything is in order and providing all information requested. 
  • Note if something is not applicable on the application. Do not leave items blank.
  • Do not supply items not requested (ex. extra references, photos, award certificates etc.).

Organization and neatness count

  • Proofread the entire application carefully for spelling and grammar errors. Ask someone to proofread it as well.
  • Cover sheets, binders, and other types of folders are not needed.
  • Make sure all applications are organized in collated packets. If you don’t know what that means, ask us.

Make sure your essay leaves a good impression

  • Be personal and passionate in your essays. Give examples and be specific to what is being asked.
  • Show your strengths and explain your weaknesses.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to write your essay.

Watch all deadlines

  • YOU are responsible for making sure your application arrives on time. If supporting materials, such as letters of recommendation and transcripts are needed, do not wait until the last minute to secure these.
  • Please contact all of your recommenders well in advance. It is courteous to provide recommenders with plenty of time to write on your behalf and provide you with letters in time to make the deadlines.

Ask questions

  • Successfully completing the application is your job. If you have questions, ask. Do not hesitate to call the contact person for the scholarship.
  • Do not expect anyone to do the work for you. We are happy to answer questions you may have.

If you are eligible, apply!

  • Read all the scholarship requirements carefully, and make sure that you are eligible.
  • If so, apply. Not just for one, but for all in which you are eligible.

Take steps to make sure your application gets where it needs to go

  • Make a copy of the entire packet and keep it for your files. Make certain that your name appears on all pages including essays.

**Remember, your scholarship application represents you!**