Amy Rovner

Amy Rovner, Instructional Designer

MPH, Nutrition, 2002, University of Washington

Registered Dietitian

Certificate in Online Teaching, SLOAN-C 2014

SCC eLearning Instructional Designer

Associate Faculty Nutrition.


Food and Nutrition are my first passions; teaching and learning online are my more recently discovered passions. Both areas are rapidly changing as new research emerges. As a result, I am a life-long learner. This provides me with a unique perspective as both a student and teacher. When teaching online, I strive to make my students feel like they are a part of an active community of learners through multiple types of interaction. This engages them and helps them work with their classmates as they struggle to master the complexities of the science of Nutrition. I also have the privilege of helping both students and faculty master the ever-changing LMS technology and effective online pedagogy in my role as Instructional Designer.


Interests: I have a young family who keep me busy – hiking, biking, swimming and more. I also love to read and bake delicious desserts.