Multicultural Studies 245


This course is designed to allow the exploration of several defining historical events affecting diverse cultural groups in South Africa: 1. Prehistory: early man, the Khoi-San, the early Bantu migrations, Shaka Zulu and the formation of the Basotho, Matebele, Xhosa, and Zulu nations. 2. Early Colonialism: Spanish, British and Dutch Colonizers, and the migrations of the Boer-Trekkers and their interactions with indigenous peoples. 3. Later Colonialism: including the importation and exploitation of Indian sugar-cane workers, and their subsequent .integration into the cultural and political fabric of South Africa. 4. The history of Apartheid, journeys and thought of Mandela and Biko and the recent moves towards reconciliation. The integration of these four areas of South African history will serve as the lens through which the 20th century efforts to overcome colonialism, Apartheid, repression, segregated homelands and townships, white fear/white flight, and the movements for freedom and towards a multicultural democracy are viewed.


Course Syllabus

General South African Resources

Summer 2008 Study Abroad

Cape Town: Study Abroad Summer 2006

Student Website: South African Study Abroad Summer 2003

African film list

Timeline of South African History


Week One

Al Fikra: Mahmoud Mohamed Taha

Mahmoud Mohamed Taha: This or the Flood


Week Two

African Studies UC Berkeley

BBC Ancient Africa Timelines and Resources

Translate: Xhosa Into English


Week Three

Stanford University African Resources


Week Four

Library of Congress Resources: ethnic groups and languages

African Language Families

Ethnologue Report: Niger Congo

South African Languages


Week Five

African Map Puzzle

African National Congress

Interview with the Chiefs

Various South African Resources

The story  of Africa (BBC)


Week Six

General Resources: Columbia University


Week Seven


Week Eight

African National Congress Youth League

Tribute to Walter (Xhamela) Sisulu


Week Nine

Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

The ANC Freedom Charter 1955

ANC: Non-Racialism in Action (1) Introduction & (2) Racism and Society


Week Ten


Reserve Resources

Introduction to African History and Culture

Nubian Women as Queens: University of Syracuse

Origins of the Roman Script

Pronunciation Guide of Hieroglyphics

Africa The Most Maligned Continent

Ethnic Groups of the Sudan

Lost Boys of the Sudan and Map

UNHCR Refugee Map

2007 Map of the Sudan

IPS: Bush's Plan-B Called Too Little Too Late

Save Darfur Website

Sudan Tribune: Article on JEM