History 247

Carter Woodson
 Carter Woodson

African American History


General African American Resources

Collection of Great African American Resources: University of Minnesota Dr. Quintard Taylor's (UW) Resource Bank

Spartacus Comprehensive Civil Rights Resources

University of South Alabama African American Resources

Black History and Civil Rights Websites


Week 1

Harper's Weekly: Towards Racial Equality

Harper's Weekly Cartoons and Cemmentary

Dr. Taylor's Site: The Homestead Act (1862)


Week 2

Daniel P. Murray Collection

In her own words: Nell Painter

Freedman Bureau Records

Frederick Douglass on the 1883 Supreme Court Decision


Week 3

The Columbia Exhibition Pamphlet

Rachleff Article on the Lynching Photos

Buffalo soldiers

Dr. Taylor's: Buffalo Soldier and the Indian Wars

University of Virginia: Online Texts


Week 4

Black History: Resource of Several Extensive Links

Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance Biographies


Week 5

African American History Digital Library

American Lynching: Strange and Bitter Fruit


Week 6

Fort Lawton Trial: Timeline

King County: Remembers Ft. Lawton

Restrictive Covenants: Encyclopedia

Shoreline Restrictive Covenants

Housing Segregation in Seattle


Week 7


Week 8

Malcolm X/ El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Web Site

History of the Black Panther Party

Clayborne Carson on Malcolm and Martin

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King  Encyclopedia


Week 9

Voter Suppression 2004 worse than 2000 Election

Democracy Now: Suppression of Black Vote


Week 10

US Prisons Policy