Placement Info

Before you can register for any math course at SCC, you will need to have met the prerequisites for that course.  You may take the ASSET (timed, paper and pencil test) or the COMPASS (not timed, computerized) placement test on our campus to determine which courses are appropriate for you.  We recommend the COMPASS test for placement since it gives the most accurate placement for most students.  ASSET testing is offered by appointment for students who are not comfortable with a computerized test.  

Here are some practice problems for the numerical/pre-algebra/algebra COMPASS test.  And here are some practice problems for the college-algebra/geometry/trigonometry COMPASS test.  Additionally, here are some COMPASS practice problems from Tacoma Community College.  

Here is a listing of all of our math course descriptions, a NEW! flow chart of all of our math courses, and the Annual Schedule of Classes.  A minimum grade of 2.0 is required to progress to the next math course in the series.  Finally, use SCC's searchable database to find classes offered this quarter.


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