Joyce Fagel

Joyce Fagel, M.A.

 Joyce Fagel

Academic Advisor 

Advising & Success Coach Center

FOSS/5000 building, suite 5229, room 5251

Office phone 206-546-4559.

Appointments please call 206-546-4559.

Drop-In Advising

Fall quarter, most weeks my hours are:

    Mon: 2:30-4:00

    Tue & Thu: 1:00-2:30

    Friday: 11:00-12:30

The Advising & Counseling Center has Drop-In Advising available Mondays-Fridays 10:00-4:00.

How I support students

As a general academic adviser I can help you get started in college and understand the college system. We can discuss your life circumstances and academic/career goals to make an educational plan specific for you. Along the way, I can connect you to resources and information to support your academic journey and success.

Transfer Programs

I can work with you to understand how to transfer to a university in Washington state or elsewhere. I worked for 26 years as an academic advisor at the University of Washington, Seattle campus and have extensive knowledge about preparing for transfer to that school. While my knowledge about other schools is not as in-depth, the key is in learning how to find information. I will be happy to teach you.

Professional/Technical Programs

I also work with students interested in professional/technical programs that can be completed here at Shoreline CC or students who are taking classes at Shoreline CC for a professional/technical program at another community college.

Preparation for Health Professional Programs

The health professions are very popular and there are many training programs, some at community colleges and some at universities or Baccalaureate colleges. Preparation for health professional programs typically requires health related experiences in addition to prerequisite courses. If you are interested in a health profession, I encourage you to subscribe to Shoreline's Pre-Health blog, which will give you information about local events and opportunities related to health care. 

The Science Division faculty and I have significant experience supporting students who are preparing to apply to graduate health professional programs, such as dental, medical and pharmacy school. This includes students new in college, as well as returning students. If you already have a Bachelor's degree and are coming to Shoreline CC to prepare for a health professional program, please contact me for more information about our Post-baccalaureate Health and Medical Studies program

Prerequisites for Math and Science Courses

I support the Science Division faculty as an additional person who can help students with questions about placement in mathematics, biology and chemistry courses and review of prerequisites for those courses. Please review the information provided on the prerequisites page and use the contacts listed for questions and prerequisite review.


About Me

I've been a University of Washington advisor from January 1989 to July 2015. I advised for nine years in the Biology Department, after which I was "on loan" to Shoreline Community College since 1998. From 2009 to 2015 I worked 50% time at the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising Center at the U of Washington (in Mary Gates Hall) and 50% time at Shoreline CC. As of July 2015 I ama  full-time academic adviser at Shoreline CC.

Just like some of you, I changed my major a few times. I started as a pre-medical school student, then studied one year of physical therapy in the Netherlands before I settled on a psychology major at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, US. After that I completed a Masters Degree in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology at the University of Minnesota. Now I've been advising pre-health and science students for many years, so I am able to combine all my interests!

I was born and grew up in the Netherlands and came to the United States as an international college student. At that time, I really did not understand many things about American culture and certainly not the degree names and other aspects of the college/university system. Now I love explaining it to others, whether they are born in the US or not, and helping them through the multituide of options, admission requirements, application process, degree options, course requirements and transition to the university.

Education offers surprising moments and I encourage you not to forget that learning can be fun, and sometimes in surprising places. For example, one of my most memorable and valuable classes was Acting 101 which I registered for on a whim. I had never done any acting before and I was scared on the stage. It became my worst grade, but I came to enjoy that class, made new friends, and it helped me get over my fear of public speaking.

But enough of me. I want to hear about you. Come see me. :)