Lorraine Montez

Lorraine Montez is an executive producer, producer, writer, marketing goddess, and founder of Abundant Productions. Lorraine possesses extensive professional credits in film and theater, and stepped into writing and producing for corporate videos, shorts, TV and web projects, and feature films more than eight years ago. She produced the feature film, The Hollow One, the comedy series Locally Grown, and is the creator, co-executive producer and co-writer of the featurette  Stop Requested. Lorraine also co-produced numerous other shorts and commercial videos.


She is the brain-child and moderator behind Abundant Creative Playground, which disrupts the writing process in a productive way resulting in a stronger script before first draft is complete; it also helps actors become better at their craft. In addition to her mad film and writing skills, Lorraine is an award-winning communications professional with more than 13 years of experience in marketing, writing, media relations, and conceptual and business development.