Shoreline offers three degree options, with varying emphases - Digital Film Production, Drama/Theatre Arts and Cinema, Film and Media Studies. In addition, Shoreline offers short term professional certificates.


Degree Options


The Digital Film Production program offers a unique blend of dramatic and non-narrative media arts training. Our certificates and degrees emphasize a hands-on approach to learning video production while balancing that with a solid introduction to the theory and history of cinema. All of our faculty are working professionals, which translates to classroom instruction that prepares students for the contemporary challenges of the field. As a Shoreline graduate, you can expect to have the training to step into introductory positions in the highly competitive field of media production or continue on with your studies through our Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) with Central Washington University.

In Performance Arts, students learn auditioning and acting in theater, films, TV and other media. Acting techniques and philosophies provide students skills, passion and discipline to compete in this craft. Students analyze scripts and create characters as students audition for and perform in theatrical productions and digital films. By developing and refining skills, students develop courage both behind and in front of the camera. Students can also can perform in professionally directed stage and film productions.

Digital Film Production

The Digital Film Production AAAS or AAS-T degree is designed to introduce students to the filmmaking process. Students will study aesthetic traditions of cinema and related fields as well as receive training in the use of digital video cameras, lighting and field audio equipment and digital editing equipment.

Our program is highly collaborative with an emphasis on working in teams. Students who wish to complete the program and begin working in the field will find that they are well prepared for entry-level production jobs. Students who complete this degree path with a 2.4 or better GPA may also apply to transfer into Central Washington University's Film & Video Studies program as a Junior through an established articulation agreement between our two schools.

The film industry continues to grow due to the worldwide popularity of American films, as well as the rise in cable television stations creating their own movies. Graduates are hired as camera operators, audio & video technicians, and arts, design, sports and media operators.

Drama / Theatre Arts

The study of Drama and Theatre Arts encompasses knowledge of dramatic literature, the history of theatrical production, theatrical performance and the role of theatre arts in society. Students learn to analyze, interpret and critique dramatic literature and performances.

The Drama/Theatre Arts Associate in Arts transfer degree prepares students for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama or Theatre Arts. Drama/Theatre Arts is also an excellent major for graduate studies in Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Education.

Students majoring in Drama and Theatre develop the knowledge and skills that apply to a variety of careers and work environments. Graduates often enter the world of theatre, television, film, and digital media production to work as actors, performers, playwrights, directors, writers and designers. Knowledge of drama and theatre can also transfer into other professions such as teaching, business, public relations, journalism, fundraising, advertising, marketing and sales.

Cinema, Film and Media Studies

From silent and black and white films to color, animation and digital imagery, Cinema, Film and Media Studies explores the history, theory and impact of media around the world. Through the study of film and mass media, students examine the role of media in society within historical, social and cultural contexts. Students have an opportunity to learn film and media production including screenwriting, journalism, directing, cinematography, photography, lighting and editing.

The Cinema, Film and Media Studies Associate in Arts transfer degree prepares students for a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, Film and Media Studies. Cinema, Film and Media Studies are excellent majors for graduate studies in Film, Fine Arts, Humanities, Gender and Women’s Studies, International/Global Studies, History and Social Sciences, or Business and Education.

Graduates of Cinema, Film and Media Studies develop knowledge and skills to work in all aspects of the film industry to include film and video production, television studio production, screenwriting, directing, casting, lighting, editing, film analysis, storytelling, marketing and sales, public relations, conservation, research and development, photography, journalism and publishing.