Services and Referrals

Services which may be provided include: examinations (head, neck, intra-oral, periodontal, and dental charting), x-ray films, oral prophylaxis (scaling and polishing of the teeth), fluoride and desensitizing treatments, sealants, smoothing and polishing of old restorations (fillings), and simple silver or composite restorations. If x-ray films are taken, you will be given one set of duplicate films at no extra charge. We will explain your particular dental problems and what can be done to resolve them.

It is extremely important for you to realize that we cannot replace your regular dentist. We strongly encourage you to see a private dentist. We do not provide the full scope of dental services and have a limited number of appointment spaces. Therefore, we cannot guarantee provision of all treatment needed by every patient. If any referrals are suggested by our supervising dentist, we request that you inform your regular dentist of this. Such communication will promote overall continuity of care if a dentist is informed about your case and responsible for your total treatment on a regular basis.


Time Commitment

This is a teaching institution and treatment is completed more slowly than in a private dental office. Student work is checked frequently by instructors to ensure acceptable quality. When making appointments, we prefer to schedule you for 3-4 hours. This allows us to accomplish more care in fewer visits. If procedures are not complete at the end of the clinic session, we will schedule another appointment. We ask your understanding and cooperation for the extra time and patience, which may be required, and hope that the special attention and care you receive will compensate.