How do I log in to... everything!

Wi-Fi, email, computer networks, Canvas...

First, get a SID and PIN number

When you first apply to the college you will receive a SID and PIN number in your personal email soon after filling out your college adminissions application. They will also be mailed to your home address within a few days of your application. 

For many core online services, your PIN number acts as your password. The PIN is your birthday as a six digit date, e.g. 122590 for 12/25/1990. You can change your PIN later or look up your SID

Second, activate your email

You are given a (Gmail) username and password within a few hours of when you first register for a class. Before you can use this account you must activate it at

Now you're ready, sort of...


Your Canvas login will not work until one month before the 1st day of instruction. 

Username: your full student email address
Password: your student email password

Learn more information about Canvas


After you activate your email, here is how you join the "SCC Student Wi-Fi" network. If your email is then login like this:

Username: shoreline.student (first half of your student email address)
Password: your email password

Computers on Campus

Logging into campus computers works the same as logging into Wi-Fi:

Username: shoreline.student (first half of your student email address)
Password: your email password


After you've activated your email account, you can login by visiting If your email address is, then login like this:

Password: your student email password

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