How do I log in to...everything!

Wi-Fi, email, computer networks, Canvas...

First, get a SID and PIN number

When you first apply to the college you will receive a SID and PIN number. They will be mailed to your home address within a few days of the college receiving your application for admission.  

For many core, online services, your PIN number acts as your password.  The PIN is your birthday as a six digit date, e.g. 122590 for 12/25/1990. You can change your PIN later or look up your SID

Second, activate your email

You are given a (Gmail) username and password within a few hours of when you first register for a class. Before you can use this account you must activate it at

Now you're ready, sort of...


Your Canvas login will not work until 6-24 hours after you register for your first class.

Username: your full student email address
Password: your student email password

More information about Canvas.


After you activate your email, here is how you join the "SCC Student Wi-Fi" network. If your email is then login like this:

Username: shoreline.student (first half of your student email address)
Password: your email password

Computers on campus

Logging into campus computers works the same as logging into Wi-Fi:

Username: shoreline.student (first half of your student email address)
Password: your email password


After you've activated your email account, you can login by visiting If your email address is, then login like this:

Password: your student email password

login to

Still need help?

  • SID and PIN:
    Enrollment Services
    (206) 546-4623
  • Email, Wi-Fi, Computer Network username and password:
    Technology Support Services
    (206) 546-5872
    Or create a support request at