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Boating Skills

Boating Skills in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
For novice and experienced boaters, covering boat selection, handling, safety, legal requirements, navigation rules and aids, piloting, weather, trailering, radio, locks and dams, engine maintenance.

What you will learn:

Learn to fuel your boat; manage/maintain your boat's propeller; and to load/unload your boat. Master how to dock; moor and anchor your boat; tow a skier; and other small boat safety. Become proficient in piloting tools including maps and charts; your magnetic compass; measuring distance; course plotting, positioning; and dead reckoning. Class topics include: Which Boat Is For You?, Equipment For Your Boat, Trailering Your Boat, Handling Your Boat, "Highway" Signs, The Rules You Must Follow, Inland Boating, Introduction To Navigation, Powering Your Boat, Lines and Knots for Your Boat, Weather and Boating, and Your Boat's Radio.


Cost: $40

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Weekend Navigator

Weekend Navigator in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

For the boater who wants to learn how to use GPS as well as how to navigate the traditional way using dividers, parallel rulers, and a compass.

What you will learn:

Weekend Navigator teaches the rudiments of navigation by using GPS as well as the back-up skill of navigation using charts, navigation plotting tools, and dead-reckoning.


Cost: $95

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Individual Instrument Instruction

5 hours of individual instruction: piano, vocal, guitar, bass/improvisation and/or woodwind.
Call or email instructor to arrange agreeable time, day and length of lessons (5 x 60 minute lessons or 10 x 30 minute lessons). Lessons take place on campus of Shoreline Community College. Students can reschedule a lesson if they give 24 hours notice, any missed lessons without 24 hours notice are forfeited.
Piano – Avezedo
Piano – Enlow
Piano – Oliver
Vocal – Stecker-Thorsen
Vocal – Norberg
Guitar – Godinez
Bass/Improvisation - Kim
Saxophone - Kashiwa

All others, contact Doug Reid
Cost: $396 for 5 hours of instruction.


Shoreline Concert Band

The Shoreline Concert Band is comprised of an average of 60 musicians which includes Shoreline Community College music students, as well as, community members enrolled in the Continuing Education program of the college. The collective goal of this group is to provide enjoyable, high quality concerts to the community it serves.

What you will learn

Learn to play a variety of high quality literature including many of the favorite band compositions of the past to original compositions written for the Shoreline Concert Band.


Previous band experience.

Course Details

Schedule: Monday Evenings, September 30 - December 6, 2019

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Cost: $75 per quarter (about 12 weeks)

Location: Building 800, Room 0818

Instructor: D. Faul



Certified Professional Navigator in Law Enforcement

The Professional Navigator Certificate Program trains navigators to partner with law enforcement.

Sixty hour hybrid program with online instruction and face-to-face active learning seminars instructed by active law enforcement officers and clinical social workers.

What you will learn

Navigators will develop a comprehensive understanding of modern-day policing as it relates to this emerging field.
More information


No prerequisites

Course Description

  • Introduction to Police Culture, CE 101
    Learn about the navigator role and its benefit to law enforcement and the community.
    Understand the theory and practice of policing.
  • Understanding Force Science, CE 102
    Study the criminal and civil context of the application of force and force science.
  • Case Law: Concepts and Practice, CE 103
    Understand the application of influential landmark court decisions.
    Learn skills to testify in a court of law.
  • Capstone, CE 104
    Apply your knowledge of police culture and case law in role-play scenarios.

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