Manufacturing/CNC Machining

An I-BEST Program

This nationally accredited, three-quarter program prepares students for entry into the high-demand job market for CNC (computer numerical control) Machinists and Mechatronics. Download a flyer to learn more. Our students enjoy great facilities and flexible class times with morning, afternoon or evening tracks.

Employment Opportunities

“...a number of [interns from Shoreline] we've hired on direct, and they've turned out to be great employees.”

Tom Stephenson, Royell Manufacturing Co.

Groundbreaking Approach to Teaching

Our program has two instructors in the same classroom; one to teach technical skills, and one to help with math for machining. This teaching model, known as I-BEST, provides a high level of support that has been copied by other colleges nationwide. Read more about this at the Seattle Times' Education Lab.

What Students Will Learn

Students who successfully complete this program are able to operate & program computerized mills, lathes, grinders , drill-presses, laser-cutters water-jets & routers. Additionally:

  • Program machine tools to perform routine machining functions.
  • Use math skills to solve basic manufacturing problems.
  • Safely set up mills and turning tools, making tool length and work piece offsets.
  • Apply teamwork, inspection and SPC to manufacturing problems.
  • Utilize properties of materials and establish correct speeds and feeds.
  • Interpret mechanical blueprints.
  • Use current software for computer assisted machining.

Degree & Certificate Options

Career Opportunities

The US Department of Labor projects Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing as high growth industries. Additional machining and manufacturing labor market information can be found on WOIS and Washington Career Bridge.

Shoreline graduates have been employed in the following capacities:

  • machine operators
  • machine technicians
  • machine programmers
  • CNC machinists
  • assemblers
  • packing operators within manufacturing firms focused on aerospace, plastics and molding

Get started!

  1. Speak with a program navigator or advisor
  2. Explore options for financial aid
  3. Meet the requirements:
  • ESL Score of Level 4 or higher
  • CASAS test score of 220 or above
  • GED or High School diploma NOT required

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Career Navigator
Wanda Waldrop
Advanced Manufacturing Technology/Mechatronics

Program Advisor
Keith Smith
CNC Machining


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