Business Technology Program

Program Information

The Business Technology program at Shoreline prepares students for jobs in today's computerized business environments. Students gain technological sophistication through hands-on computer training in current word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software. Students develop skills in human relations, mathematics and communications - all essential for success in the work place.

Graduates of the program are prepared for employment in a variety of office and administrative support positions. Students who have successfully completed business courses in high school may qualify for advanced placement. Tech Prep students should see a Business Technology Program advisor.

Students may complete both an AAAS Degree and Certificate of Proficiency. Those completing a degree program may choose electives from Accounting, Business Technology, Visual Communications Technology, and/or other areas with Business Technology approval.

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Program Advisor

Gail Dalton

Room 1420


Degree Options


Career Opportunities

  • office and administrative positions
  • government agencies
  • small businesses
  • health care facilities
  • accounting or law firms
  • insurance agencies
  • as information clerks


Online Certificates and Degree

All required courses in the Business Technology program are offered online. Students can earn their certificate and/or degree completely online. Most courses are also offered face-to-face. Completely online degrees in this program are available.

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Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program will have

  1. A knowledge of current business practice and office technologies
  2. An ability to prioritize, organize and plan office work
  3. An ability to proficiently use current computer software
  4. The communication and interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively with others
  5. An ability to effectively manage information.

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