Volunteering Opportunity

Interested in sharing your expertise?


Here is your chance to help Shoreline biotechnology students explore your career and “catch” your love of science. Please look over the following chart and sign up for one of the opportunities. Some will need less time than others, but all support students and help them succeed. Join us in preparing the next generation of biotech scientists.

Opportunity Commitment  Description Time of Year
Tour  Approximately 1-2 hours

Provide a guided tour of your facility and lab spaces. Students will meet with scientists who will briefly describe their work in the lab or at the company. Learn more...

Any time of the year
Informational Interview  Approximately 1 hour 

Students have many questions about biotech careers and misconceptions about the educational paths that can lead to careers in the life science industry.  Industry representatives can be a great help by meeting with students and answering questions in short informational interviews. Learn more...

Any time of the year, but spring is usually the best as students are considering internships
Career Development Mentor 2 or 3 - 1 hour meetings

Mentor programs offer a structured settingin which to develop beneficial one-on-one relationships between students and professionals. Mentors have the opportunity to encourage and advise students by sharing their own experiences and knowledge. Learn more... 

Any time of the year, but spring is usually the best as students are considering internships
Guest Lecture / Lab demonstration  45 minute lecture or 2.5 hour lab demonstration 

Scientists can commit to as little as a single laboratory demonstration on a research topic, technique or a guest lecture. Learn more...

Any time of the year
Project Mentorship/Review 2 or 3 – 1 hour meetings

Individually work with a SCC student on a class project.  It will involve meeting and assisting in the development of a class presentation in lab or lecture. Learn more...

Winter and Spring
Work Experience  Variable   Spring or Summer
Internship 8 – 10 weeks   Summer