What are the benefits of bringing the Amgen Biotech Experience to your classroom?


Videos to use when teaching ABE

Lab 1: Some Tools of the Trade

How to use a pipette

Using a Micropipette

Loading a pipette

Mixing two solutions

Gel Electrophoresis

Making and pouring an agarose gel

Setting up a gel, loading a gel well and starting the electrophoresis  (Only to 6:50)


Lab 2: How Do You Begin to Clone a Gene? 

Restriction enzymes   (First half)


Lab 3: Building a Recombinant Plasmid

Ligation  (second half)


Lab 4: Making Sure You've Created a Recombinant Plasmid

Gel electrophoresis for DNA

Last part of video from Lab 1 above


Lab 5: Getting Recombinant Plasmids into Bacteria


How to transform ecoli in lab



Pre-Lab 6: Teacher Prep for Lab 6:

Bacterial Colonies

Picking a colony in the lab


Lab 6: Getting What We Need


Protein Purification-Hydrophobicity

Eluting protein from column