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MiniOne systems: Gel Electrophoresis and PCR system and MiniLabs


About MiniOne Systems:

MiniOne® Systems, part of Embi Tec, provides instruments, lab kits, accessories, and reagents for teaching hands-on molecular biology labs. Our products are affordable, reliable, safe, and robust for student use.

MiniOne Electrophoresis System integrates a power supply, gel tank, LED illuminator, and photo hood into one unit that is safe and fast – no ethidium bromide, no UV, visualize DNA separation in real time, and a typical electrophoresis run takes only 20 minutes.

MiniOne PCR System is affordable, intuitive, and fast so that students can experience first-hand programming and monitoring DNA amplification reactions on a thermal cycler via an intuitive and interactive app on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a mobile tablet, which connects to the thermal cycler via a Bluetooth LE connection – no cable or wifi required. With a temperature range of 4 – 99° C and the ability to hold at 4°C, the thermal cycler can be used for transformation, restriction digests, or DNA extractions.

MiniOne MiniLabs, available for a wide range of applications including DNA fingerprinting, forensics, PTC genetics, restriction digests, are lab kits designed specifically for classroom use that minimize pre-class preparation for teachers and maximize hands-on engagement and learning for students.

About the MiniOne Partnership with Shoreline Community College’s Shoreline Biotech Experience:

MiniOne Systems has a strong commitment to help teachers bring biotech and molecular biology techniques to the classroom so that students can gain first-hand experience. We strongly believe learning molecular biology techniques must be done by doing. Shoreline Community College’s Shoreline Biotech Experience is a great program to empower teachers to bring techniques, equipment, and reagents to their classroom so that their students can learn by doing practical, hands-on, real-world experiments. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help fund the Shoreline Biotech Experience and be part of a program that helps teachers to inspire and enable our next generation of scientists.