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Shoreline Community College's Biotechnology Lab opens its doors to high school students for week-long explorations of biotechnology and DNA sequencing!  To learn about prior camps, click on the links below.

What are students saying about Project Biotech?

 "I always knew I liked science, but after Project Biotech I knew I wanted to have a career in science.”

                                    Josh McNamara, Woodinville High School, 12th grade, 7/10/15

 "Project Biotech provided a unique opportunity to learn amazing things and conduct advanced lab experiments that could not be done anywhere else.”

                                    Claire Perrin, Shorecrest High School, 10th grade, 7/10/15

What is Project Biotech?

Are you interested in learning more about the field of biotechnology? 

Want to know what scientists actually DO in the lab? 

 Then join us for week-long experiences in Shoreline's state-of-the-art Biotechnology Lab! 

2017 Summer Camps

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Week 1: June 26-30, 2017: Biotechnology Essentials & Beyond

**This camp is currently full.  Applications may still be submitted.  Applicants will be placed on the Wait List.**

Biotechnology is a diverse field that includes tools and techniques that are used in all fields of biology. This camp is designed for rising freshmen and sophomores or students with little biotechnology experience and includes micropipetting; DNA purification, PCR and sequence analysis used to identify species; making a genetically modified organism (GMO); and visits with scientists from the Puget Sound area.  

Molecular biology and biotechnology skills development including:
  • Micropipetting
  • DNA Purification & DNA Sequencing
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Discussions with Scientists
  • Using computers to view macromolecules & analyzing DNA data for genetic testing


Week 2: July 10-14, 2017: Biotechnology & Infectious Disease: Tracking Pandemic Flu

We’re encouraged to get a flu vaccine every year.  Why does that vaccine protect us from the flu some years, but not others?  More importantly, what does that tell us about the risk of a flu pandemic?  This camp provides hands-on lab and computer activities like those researchers use to study infectious disease outbreaks with diagnostic tools like ELISAs and Western blots, as well as sequence analysis of global flu strains to understand how a seasonal flu can change to a pandemic.  This camp will also include tours of local research institutions near downtown Seattle and is designed for rising juniors and seniors, “Biotech Essentials” alumni, or other students with more biotechnology experience.  

For students with biology or biotech lab experience, including 2014-2016 camps & “Biotechnology Essentials” alumni.
  • Advanced lab techniques for diagnosing & treating disease including:
    • Outbreak Investigations
    • SDS-PAGE & Western blots
    • ELISAs
  • Biotech company and research institution tours in Seattle
  • Career panels and discussions with scientists
  • Biotech & Human Health career exploration


Week 3:  July 24-28, 2017:   Biotechnology & the Environment: Exploring the Health of the Salish Sea 

Biotechnology enables researchers to monitor the health of the Salish Sea, as well as the marine animals and plants that call the sea home.  This camp provides hands-on lab and computer activities that will demonstrate how biotechnology assists scientists in studying the Salish Sea food web, as well as the effects of our changing environment on our Northwest ecosystem, from tiny plankton to majestic Orcas.  This camp will also include tours of research labs and facilities at the University of Washington and is designed for rising juniors and seniors, “Biotech Essentials” alumni, or other students with more biotechnology experience. 

For students with biology or biotech lab experience, including 2014-2016 camps & “Biotechnology Essentials” alumni.
"Exploring the Health of the Salish Sea"
  • DNA sequencing to identify food sources for Orca whales
  • Protein assays to analyze stress hormones in Orca whales
  • Exploration of how ocean acidification is affecting sea life
  • Tour of environmental research labs at University of Washington
  • Career panel and discussion with scientists

All campers get extensive hands-on opportunities to practice these techniques and skills while taking on interesting scientific challenges! 

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If cost is a prohibiting factor in your ability to attend this camp, funding may be available for you. Please email Dr. Dina Kovarik,, for more information.