Kit Check Out

After teachers have participated in ABE Shoreline professional development workshops to receive training in the use of the ABE curriculum and associated lab activities, they may check out science "kits" that include the equipment, supplies and reagents needed to implement the curriculum in their class(es). For example, after participating in the first workshop in the "Easy as ABC: Applications of Biotechnology in the Classroom" series, "Part A: An Understanding of DNA," teachers may check out kits for ABE Lab 1.1: How to Use a Micropipette, Lab 1.2: Gel Electrophoresis, cheek cell DNA extraction, and the suncatchers micropipetting activity.

Kits include everything necessary for all of the classes in which teachers intend to incorporate the ABE lessons, all at no cost to them.

If available, teachers may also check out equipment to conduct other lab activities associated with purchased kits or labs that other outreach groups might offer.  In particular, we are working with Digital World Biology and Coastal Marine Biolabs to help provide the equipment needed for DNA barcoding, such as thermocyclers for PCR and agarose gel electrophoresis equipment. 

How to Request a Kit

Kits are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and are available for pick-up Monday-Friday.  

Due to the limited amount of equipment at our site, teachers who wish to implement Labs 1-6 [or some combination thereof] and a PCR activity and need the associated equipment in order to do so must schedule two separate kit requests and kit pick-ups: one for Labs 1-6 and one for the PCR kit.  Thermocylers, water baths, heat blocks and gel cameras must be returned within three weeks of check-out.  Limited exceptions can be made for teachers traveling from outside the Puget Sound Region based on equipment availability. 

Note: Kit requests are closed for the 2015-2016 School Year.  

Kit Check Out Process

New for the 2016-2017 School Year:  
All ABE Teachers Must Consent to Participate in ABE Program Evaluation Conduted by the ABE Program Evaluators: WestEd.  

Not all teachers will be selected for participation; only a random subset.  Participation includes administration of a short pre- and post-lab survey to your students in at least one class.  For more information, and to acknowledge your agreement to participate if selected, please click here.

  1. Download and complete the Teacher Information and Kit Check Out Form and the ABE Assessment Information and Agreement Form. We will use the information that you provide to calculate the supplies and reagents you will need based on the number of lab groups and number of classes that you have.  You will only be asked to participate in the ABE Assessment if randomly selected by WestEd.
  2. Save the Kit Request Form with a file name that includes your name, such as "Jane-Smith-Kit-Form.
  3. Save the Assessment Agreement Form with a file name that includes your name, such as "Jane-Smith-Assessment-Form."
  4. Email your forms to Jan Chalupny, In the body of your email, include your desired dates for kit check-out and kit return.  Kits must be requested at least two weeks prior to your desired pick-up dateKits are available to teachers for three weeks at a time if teachers are implementing the entire ABE curriculum.  We will then schedule your kit pick-up and return dates based on equipment availability.