Biotechnology Outreach Opportunities for Middle and High Schools


The Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) transforms classrooms into working laboratories by introducing students to the excitement of real-world research-based science. The program explores the steps involved in using biotechnology to create modern medicine.  Our Shoreline-ABE program, housed the Shoreline Community College campus, has been working with schools for more than nine years.  This program is made possible by a grant from the Amgen Foundation, renewed for the 2015-2017 funding period.   Shoreline-ABE typically reachers more than 50 newly-trained teachers per year and more than 8,000 students are able to experience hands-on research using recombinant DNA techniques -- the same techniques used in biotechnology every day to create biotherapeutics to treat diseases such as diabetes, breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Both professional development trainings for teachers and lab grade equipment/reagents loan program is provided at no cost to the teachers or their districts.

See our Professional Development Workshops page for more information about how you and your school can take advantage opportunities through the Shoreline-ABE program.


MiniOne Systems has a strong commitment to help teachers bring biotech and molecular biology techniques to the classroom so that students can gain first-hand experience. We strongly believe learning molecular biology techniques must be done by doing. Shoreline Community College’s Shoreline Biotech Experience is a great program to empower teachers to bring techniques, equipment, and reagents to their classroom so that their students can learn by doing practical, hands-on, real-world experiments. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help fund the Shoreline Biotech Experience and be part of a program that helps teachers to inspire and enable our next generation of scientists.

About MiniOne Systems:

MiniOne® Systems, part of Embi Tec, provides instruments, lab kits, accessories, and reagents for teaching hands-on molecular biology labs. Our products are affordable, reliable, safe, and robust for student use.

MiniOne Electrophoresis System integrates a power supply, gel tank, LED illuminator, and photo hood into one unit that is safe and fast – no ethidium bromide, no UV, visualize DNA separation in real time, and a typical electrophoresis run takes only 20 minutes.

MiniOne PCR System is affordable, intuitive, and fast so that students can experience first-hand programming and monitoring DNA amplification reactions on a thermal cycler via an intuitive and interactive app on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a mobile tablet, which connects to the thermal cycler via a Bluetooth LE connection – no cable or wifi required. With a temperature range of 4 – 99° C and the ability to hold at 4°C, the thermal cycler can be used for transformation, restriction digests, or DNA extractions.

MiniOne MiniLabs, available for a wide range of applications including DNA fingerprinting, forensics, PTC genetics, restriction digests, are lab kits designed specifically for classroom use that minimize pre-class preparation for teachers and maximize hands-on engagement and learning for students.

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