About Our Graduates

What they're saying, learning and where they end up


I was hired at a biotech company before I even graduated from the SCC biotech program, something I had been trying unsuccessfully to do with just my microbiology degree for over five years.

—Jenna Gravley, Research Cell Bank Manager,  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


"The first experiment I did in my molecular biology class was isolation of plasmid, that was also one of my first responsibilities at my job.

—Reshma Dani, MD, Iverson Genetic Diagnostics, Inc.

After finishing the program, you can:

  • Assist research scientists in the laboratory.
  • Perform technical procedures such as cell counting, solution and media preparation, DNA extraction and characterization, electrophoresis, cloning, polymerase chain reaction, ELISA and other immunology techniques, maintenance of cell lines transfection, fermentation, protein isolation and purification using various chromatographic techniques.
  • Conduct research experiments following operating and safety protocols and apply knowledge of theory and techniques to troubleshoot appropriately.
  • Analyze and display data using computer technology including the Internet and software designed for maintaining a database, preparing spreadsheets, conducting statistical analysis, and graphical display.
  • Manage laboratory activities including record keeping, ordering supplies and preparing reports.

Who hires Shoreline graduates?

Among others, employers of our graduates include: