Transfer Agreements

An explanation of what these agreements mean


A transfer agreement is a formalized pathway that students can take from Shoreline Community College to a partner institution. 


Transfer agreements allow students to take coursework at Shoreline Community College that can meet admission and/or degree requirements at a partner institution.

Types of transfer agreements 

Shoreline Community College recognizes two different types of articulation agreements: 

  1. Transfer Admission Guaranteed Agreement
  2. Instructional Articulation Agreement
    1. Direct Transfer Agreement in Washington State 
    2. Professional-Technical Transfer Agreement 
    3. Tech Prep College Connections Agreement in Washington State 
    4. Reverse Articulation Agreement in Washington State 

1. Transfer Admission Guaranteed Agreement

Students will be guaranteed admission to partner institutions when they meet agreed-upon conditions. Criteria might include a certain number of credits, specific courses, minimum grade point average, and/or English language proficiency as indicated in the agreement. 

Agreements for Resident Students

 Agreements for International Students


2. Instructional Articulation Agreement

A. Direct Transfer Agreements in Washington State

Public community and technical colleges offer transfer associate degrees that make it easier for students to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in Washington state. These are the kinds of transfer associate degrees:

Direct Transfer Agreement in Washington State

Associate of Science – Transfer Degree

Major Related Programs 

These degrees allow students to meet all or most lower division general education requirements before they transfer. Depending on the degree, they also may meet some lower division requirements for their major. 

Once admitted to a bachelor’s degree program, students who complete these transfer degrees can generally expect:

  • 90 transferrable quarter credits, and
  • junior class standing. 

B. Professional-Technical Transfer Agreements

Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) degrees are two-year, job-training degrees. They prepare students for immediate employment.  It can include at least 20 general education credits that can transfer. These degrees transfer only to: 

  • Applied baccalaureate degrees at community or technical colleges in Washington state, or
  • Universities that have an agreement with the community or technical college issuing the degree. 

South Seattle College

The Evergreen State College

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

C. Career and Technical Education Dual Credit Agreement in Washington State

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit, formerly known as Tech Prep College Connections, is an option that provides career pathways for high school students. CTE Dual Credit classes are taught at the high school or skills center and integrate academics with technical skills to help prepare students for advanced education and careers related to professional-technical occupations. All CTE Dual Credit courses offer high school and college credit for successfully completing the same class.

D. Reverse Articulation Agreements in Washington State 

Reverse Articulation Agreements allow students to earn their associate degrees after they have transferred to baccalaureate institutions in Washington. Courses earned at a baccalaureate institution can be transferred back to the community college to complete the associate degree. Adding an associate degree will help students build their resumes and document applicable job qualifications, and provide the benefits of earning an associate in arts degree as part of the Direct Transfer Agreement.


  • Know which colleges and universities offer Shoreline students guaranteed conditional admission
  • Know which colleges and universities accept Shoreline associate degrees
  • Understand which courses will and will not transfer to the partner institution
  • Save time and money to degree