Access & Disburse Aid

The Financial Aid Office processes complete aid applications in the order in which they are received. The office determines aid eligibility for each student and notifies them of their financial aid offer by email.

Students enrolled in less than full time credits, 12 or more credits, need to notify the Financial Aid Office of their enrollment level. Waitlisted classes are not counted as registered classes. Grants and waivers apply directly toward tuition and applicable fees first. Loan funds apply after all steps in the loan process have been completed. Any remaining funds are made available to the student as a refund.

Please Note: All debts owed to the College, such as parking tickets or library fines, must be paid before students can receive their financial aid refund. Students should start each quarter with some of their own funds to pay for books and other expenses.

Fund Availability

Funds are available if students:

  • Are offered financial aid. Aid offer notifications are generally sent to the students' preferred email account. Aid offer notification information can be found in ctcLink. Learn how to check your aid status in ctcLink
  • Are making the required academic progress
  • Are registered for the correct number of credits
  • Do not have a block on their account (i.e., parking fine, library fine, past tuition debt). Contact the Cashiers Office if you believe there may be a block on your account.
  • Check the school's academic calendar for quarterly disbursement dates.

Fund Disbursement

Financial aid refunds are disbursed through our partner BankMobile, a financial services company serving higher education.

To learn how accessing your disbursements and refunds works, visit BankMobile's How It Works page

Learn more by viewing Shoreline's contract with BankMobile.

Make sure your contact information is up to date within your ctcLink account to receive your refund.