Academic and Transfer Information

For Washington Area 4 Year Institutions

Four-year degree on SCC campus
Shoreline Community College and City University Seattle offer dual enrollment for Shoreline's Associate of Arts degree leading to CityU's Bachelor's of Management degree with classes offered on Shoreline's campus.

The purpose of this webpage is to efficiently disseminate information relevant for transferring to 12 of the 4 year schools in Washington.  For each school, links have been made to their homepage, as well as to websites which contain information about their 1. Divisions, Departments or Programs, 2. Catalogue/Course Descriptions Book, 3. General Education Requirements for Graduating, and 4. Transfer (*see below) and Course Equivalency information (when available).  


Note: Any other information that is found on this page should not be considered the most recent or accurate (although I try!). The most accurate information should be obtained from the advisors at the target institution or through their website.  If you have found a website or other information that you feel needs to be included on this page, please let me know (


General Link to All Washington Colleges and Universities


Antioch University

1. Academics (Programs)

2. General Education Requirements for Antioch: Antioch appears to have a flexible, "build your own degree"?, format, and therefore there are not any clearly defined GER courses.

3. Transfer Information:  Pretty generous in terms of transfer courses accepted, but there is no equivalency guide. Courses transfer if it was a 100 level or higher and a grade of C or greater was earned.  There are some more limits and concerns.  (You may contact an admissions adviser by e-mail or call 206-268-4202 for a personal appointment)


Bastyr University:

Note that Bastyr University is mostly a graduate level institution that has recently started to provide limited undergraduate education and degrees.  For example, their undergraduate Health Psychology program is only an upper division program.  The first two years (90 credits) should already be accomplished elsewhere.  Students may apply to the program while completing prerequisite course work. Students who have not completed all the prerequisites may not be eligible to take some courses.  (click here for more details)

1. Academic Degree Programs

2. Bastyr University General Catalogue

3. General Education Requirements (see also) Since Bastyr expects that you will have an Associates degree, most or all of these requirements will have already been satisfied)

4. Transfer Information

Equivalency guide


Central Washington University

1. Majors and Departments

2. Course Catalogue

3. General Education Requirements for CWU

4. Transfer Information General:

Shoreline Specific Information



Eastern Washington University

   Academic Programs


Evergreen State College

Note that Evergreen holds an alternative education structure where students may create their own majors.  Therefore, their information is not structure by discipline as is the tradition.  It may take some time to track down the appropriate information.


Pacific Lutheran University

1. Colleges, Schools and Divisions

2. Course Catalogue

3. General Education Requirements for PLU

4. Transfer Information: Students should have a cumulative GPA of C- and one year of language at the college level (or two years of high school language) to apply.  Courses transfer if the student passes with a C- or higher. 

Shoreline Specific Information and Equivalencies


Seattle Pacific University

1. Majors and Programs          

2. Course Catalogue

3. General Education Requirements for SPU: SPU's requirements for graduation are complex.  You may need to take time to figure it out.

4. Transfer Information (generous in accepting many of our courses; scroll down for equivalency guide): Also found here are links to Transfer Counselors

                Shoreline Specific Information


Seattle University

1. Undergraduate Degree Programs

2. Undergraduate Catalogue (including course descriptions, by discipline)

3. General Education Requirements for SU:  See also here and here

4. Transfer Information:  Acceptance of transfer credits is generous, but Course Equivalencies are conducted by the Office of the Registrar and so details on specific courses is not available.  Students need to have at least 2.5 GPA to transfer and some programs require higher.


University of Puget Sound

1. Departments and Programs (includes course catalogue by discipline)

3. General Education Requirements for UPS

4. Transfer Information

Shoreline Specific Information


University of Washington

1. Academics, Schools and Departments

2. Course Catalogue

3. General Education Requirements for UW

4. Transfer Information (General)

Shoreline Specific Information

Course Equivalencies 


Washington State University

1. Academics and Programs

2. Course Catalogue

3. General Education Requirements for WSU

4. Transfer Information

Course Equivalencies


Western Washington University

1. Colleges and Departments

2. WWU Catalogue (includes courses by discipline; PDF only!)

3. General Education Requirements for WWU
   Look for link on the right of their page (their Worksheet.)

4. Transfer Information and Course Equivalencies

To transfer to WWU: You need to have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.0 for the quarters completed just prior to applying.  If the student does not complete their AA, then it is recommended to make sure to complete college level math and English requirements as well as take courses that are equivalent to their GER courses.


*Important Note: Transfer requirements vary from college to college and therefore the most accurate information should be obtained by contacting the advisors from the university or college of interest.  Having said that, I have noticed some consistencies:


1. For most schools, transferring to the school (being accepted) or transferring courses (as equivalencies) requires at least a 2.0 GPA (cumulative GPA or GPA for the specific course).  This is usually considered the minimum and it does not guarantee admission.  Importantly, the requirements to transfer directly into a program or major, (e.g. to transfer as a psychology major), the GPA expectations can be much higher.  Transfer requirements need to be assessed per discipline to have a complete understanding of the expectations.


2. At some schools, there may be more specific course perquisites (e.g. courses that need to be taken at the community college before you transfer) in order to transfer as that major.  For instance, psychology majors must take psych 100, 202, and 209 at SCC in order to transfer directly into the psychology program at UW.  This is not a requirement to transfer to UW in general, but only for direct transfer as a psychology major. 


3. Private schools appear to be much more generous in accepting SCC courses as equivalent to their courses as compared to the public schools.  Often the private schools do not have a clearly delineated "equivalency"? sheet and assessment of equivalency is accomplished on a course by course basis by an advisor (at the target school)


4. Completing the Associates degree at SCC can be a great benefit.  For most schools (i.e. if there is a direct transfer agreement) transferring with an AA means that the student has completed all of the basic, core or general education requirements and therefore enters into the school as a "junior"?.  If they do not have an AA (even if they are only one course shy of an AA), this means that they must complete these requirements at the school of interest after they transfer (as soon as possible in most cases).  A problem can arise if the courses that they have taken here do not count as equivalent to courses at their target university which satisfy their general education requirements (what we count as satisfying our GER may not be the same as what the transfer school counts).  Without the completed AA, the student may "loose"? time and money by having only transferred in as a sophomore.   Also, other schools (e.g. UW) have slightly different requirements to satisfy their GER courses (UW requires 20 credits for each "Area of knowing"? rather than our 15 credits). A good strategy is to encourage your student to stay and complete the AA or if they know which school they would like to transfer to, to know their requirements and which courses at SCC count toward those requirements. See the following link for more detailed information about transfer agreements (


5. Finally, the 4 year schools may not have accounted for the change in the course numbering system that has taken place at the Community Colleges.  You should be aware of what course number they think we offer (and which is equivalent to their course) and make the translation for them (awesome, eh?).  Here is a link to the common course number changes



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