General Education Outcomes

Global Awareness

Students will demonstrate understanding and awareness of issues related to, and consequences of, the growing global interdependence of diverse societies by integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines.  Students will describe how social, cultural, political, and economic values and norms interact.

  1. Recognize the value and significance of artistic and religious expressions in various world cultures.
  2. Articulate the values and beliefs that influence humans in seeking identity and meaning within their culture.
  3. Describe the impact of global interdependence on local cultures including those within the United States.
  4. Identify the origin of events that have led to contemporary global conflict, competition, and cooperation.
  5. Demonstrate awareness and knowledge of the economic forces that have led to the interdependence of national economies and the imbalance of distribution of wealth.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of global interdependence on the natural world.