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Attend one or all twelve for the same low price of $55.

Parking included!


Monday 8/12

8:30-9:30am: Introduction to Internet Basics
Learn how to use the internet efficiently to search for information and to help in your job search. Practice using tools such as favorites and tabs. Learn the difference between a web site, search engines, and web software (email, social networking, the cloud). Use Microsoft Internet Explorer to learn the software and tools available to you.

9:45-10:45: The Middle East: What’s Happening?
Topic on Middle Eastern events TBA, lecturer to represent Jackson School of International Studies.

11:00am-12:00pm: Reflections on Contemporary Art, a Seminar and Discussion
Join Alan Newberg to view examples of artwork from the 20 and 21st century chosen either for their seminal roles in establishing important themes in today’s world, or for their challenging nature for the layperson. Class participation in an art dialog will be encouraged.

Tuesday 8/13

8:30-9:30am: Climate Change & Global Warming
This lecture by University of Washington Bothell climate scientist, Dan Jaffe explains the basic differences between climate and weather; how increases in global surface temperature are measured and compared to other times in our planet’s history; and why scientific consensus almost unanimously holds human activity accountable.


9:45-10:45am: Introduction to Social Networking
A must-do for those who want to begin building an online presence. Social networks, like Facebook and Linkedin will get you connected with others based on your shared interests, world views, and life experiences.


11:00am-12:00pm: Introduction to Volunteering
Taking action outside the box to make your ideal volunteering dream a reality isn’t as difficult as you might think. SCC Healthy Futures Coordinator, Elly Henderson offers tips on pairing your talents with ways to help your community, and even put you in the position of moving from volunteer to employee.


Wednesday 8/14

8:30-9:30am: iPads, Smart Phones & Digital Photography
Digital Photography with Barbara Bumgardner was one of our highest rated presentations for Summer College 2009. For this year’s event, Barb explores some of the latest digital technology with fun and easy ways to capture, edit, and share your images.


9:45-10:45am: Asteroids, Meteoroids and Comets: The "Detritus" of the Solar System:
Another Summer College veteran, SCC’s own Linda Khandro will guide attendees through objects of the late summer night skies. Just in time for the usual mid- August meteor showers!


11:00am-12:00pm: Current Labor Market Trends
Who’s hiring who, when, and where? What’s the latest prognosis for the local economy and unemployment numbers? How does the Puget Sound region compare to elsewhere? These and other questions are addressed by SCC’s own Employment Security Specialist, Stephanie Tschanz.


Thursday 8/15

8:30-9:30am: Genealogy
Whether finding your family’s coat of arms, a descendant who fought against the British, or what became of that great-great-great uncle who seemed to simply disappear, you’ll need to understand the basics of genealogical research. Join Jason Wilke with tips to unveil the secrets of your ancestry.


9:45-10:45am: Self-Branding: Getting the Most and Best out of LinkedIn
Today, far more job hunters land interviews through networking and personal recommendations, than do those who just send resumes and cover letters via job announcements. When done correctly and creatively, networking with Linkedin greatly supports job searches. Learn the basics with Diane Sullivan and start getting connected with professionals who share your areas of expertise. Bring your iPad, smartphone, or laptop and get started right away!


11:00am 12:00pm: Employer Panel
Recruiters and representatives from Seattle area employers. Get the inside info from four of our area's biggest companies:

 Lowe's   Fred Meyer   Goodwill   Express Employment Agency