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Fall 2014



Introduction to Project Management
Get started on what it takes to guide and successfully take projects from A-Z!
Students will assess current career or business status, and learn strategies for moving ahead. Regardless of background and whether NGO/nonprofit, or private sector, this class will focus entrepreneurs on project management, finding resources for launching a business, and utilizing best practices.

6:00-8:00 pm TTh | Building 1100, Room 1101 | Instructor: Adeyemi, L.
Tuition: $31.34 | Start date: 10/9/14 | End date: 10/21/14 | P-BUS 150 | Item 3045

Entrepreneurial Edge: What's Next? 
Congratulations! You’ve thought it over and have finally decided to discover your strengths, uncover opportunities, and design the business of your dreams. This course will take you from pre-startup assessment, into planning, and on to designing a money-making venture. Attend up to 10, one-hour lectures, with three Launch Labs, featuring local business leaders who will discuss their keys to success.

Lectures: 10:30-11:20 am T | 9/30/14 - 12/2/14 | Building 1400, Room 1401 | Item 6943 | Tuition: $25.07
Launch Labs: 6:00-9:00 pm | 10/14/14, 11/18/14, and 12/2/14 | Room 9202, Building 9200 | Item 3047
Tuition: $25.07 | Instructor: McVeety, T. | Total tuition: $50.14 | P-BUS 200



Create a Profitable Pet Sitting Business

Stuck in the corporate doldrums? Laid off and dreaming of becoming your own boss?  If you love animals and want to earn a good living following your passion, join us and see if pet sitting is the business for you.  Pet owners no longer want the kid next door. They want licensed, insured professionals who they can count on to show up, handle home and pet emergencies, and provide custom care to their pets.  This information-packed class gives you detailed instructions on how to launch your pet sitting business, avoid beginner's mistakes and protect you from liability Special focus on effective, low-cost marketing to put you on a fast track to success.

10:00 am-2:00 pm S | Building 1100, Room 1101 | Instructor: Seward, J.
Tuition: $21.94 | Start date: 10/11/14 | End date: 10/18/14 | P-BUS 104 | Item 3042




QuickBooks: A Serious Introduction

Get started with this valuable accounting software that is used by more than 80% of small to mid-sized businesses. You will learn the basics of how QuickBooks can aid you in performing daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping and accounting operations for a business. This one fills up fast, so register early!  Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Windows environment and working with a mouse and keyboard. A memory stick or thumb drive is required for this class.


6:00-9:00pm Th | Room 1308, Building 1300 | Instructor: Hudson, J.R.

Tuition: $31.34 | Next class:10/16/14 | End date: 11/6/14 | P-CMP 104 |Item 6915  


Email: Outlook Basics

Looking for entry level office work? Most business and service provider offices are networked with Outlook. This is an essential class for those of any age preparing for work as an assistant in administration, human resources, lab work, or starting a business. Topics: An overview of email components, an introduction to Outlook 2010, composing and organizing messages, setting up and managing contacts and to-do lists, scheduling appointments, and organizing meetings. No previous experience required.


4:00-7:00 pm  T | Building 1300, Room 1308 | Instructor: Berkley, W

Tuition: $31.34 | Start date: 11/18/2014 | End date: 12/09/14 | P-CMP 101 | Item 6932


Textbook: FastCourse Outlook 2013, Labyrinth Learning Publishers,
available in bookstore. 
ISBN 978-1-591365-12-9, or online: FastCourse Outlook 2013.

Getting Started with Computers

Conquer the basics of the most popular applications for personal or business use. Topics include: Overview of PC hardware and software concepts, Windows 8, word processing and spreadsheets, printing, Internet browsing, email use, and computer and Internet safety. No previous experience required.


4:00-7:00 pm T | Building 1300, Room 1308 | Instructor: Berkley, W

Tuition: $43.88 | Start date: 10/14/2014 | End date: 11/4/2014 | P-CMP 102 | Item 6909  


Textbook: Welcome to the World of Computers, 5th Ed, Labyrinth Learning Publishers,
available in bookstore. ISBN-13: 978-1-59136-652-2, or online: Welcome to the World of Computers, 5th Ed.


Integrated, Self-paced Computer Lab

Virtually any office position will require at least some experience with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ready to get started? Come to a self-paced laboratory environment and work in the company of other job seekers. Outlook: Set up contact lists. Save email drafts. Link keywords in email messages to websites, maps, and photos. Customize your email messages with your own signature. Word: Set up and save documents. Organize files and folders. Learn mail merging. Excel: Get the basics of data creation. Customize slide shows. A coach will help you navigate the software and help menus. PowerPoint: Insert pictures onto slides. Create text blocks and shapes. Add depth and dimension to text and photos. Produce a slide show. This five-week course will prepare you for most any office environment, with all the one-on-one guidance you will need. It's also a great prerequisite to our singularly focused Microsoft application courses. Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Windows environment and working with a mouse and keyboard. A memory stick or thumb drive is required for this class.

9:00 am-12:00 pm TWTh | Building 5000, Room 5116 |Instructor: Ikuseghan, J.
Tuition: $84.62 | Start date: 10/7/14 | End date: 11/6/14 | P-CMP 114 | Item 6923


Create a Website for Fun, Profit & Business!

No programming required! Discover easy-to-use design tools that can build your personal or business website in 60 minutes.  Topics include: Using pay-per-click ads to get traffic on sites such as Google, how to get ranked by the three major search engines (SEO), tips on website design and Internet market research tools.  Prerequisites:
At least one year experience working with a mouse and keyboard.  Familiarity with Windows or Macintosh environment is very helpful, as is the ability to access your email remotely.
A memory stick or thumb drive is required for this class.

9:00 am-3:00 pm S | Building 1300, Room 1308 | Instructor: Ikuseghan, J.

Tuition: $31.34 | Start date: 10/18/14 | End date: 10/25/14 | P-CMP 103 | Item 3049.


Excel 2013 Essentials
Get the basics and beyond for creating spreadsheets. You will create, edit and format a worksheet, perform calculations, print workbook contents, filter and sort data, and work with charts. You'll learn to use the Help and other built-in tools. Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Windows environment, or Getting Started with Computers, or Integrated, Self-Paced Computer Lab. You must attend the first meeting of this class to complete the course. A memory stick or thumb drive is required for this class.

6:00-9:00 pm MW | Room 1305, Building 1300 | Instructor:  Aldrich, M.

Tuition: $31.34 | Start date: 10/13/14 | End date: 10/22/14 | P-CMP 132 | Item 6931


1. Logical Choice Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 1 Electronic Training Bundle,
available in bookstore, Tuesday, 10/14. ISBN: 1424620511.

2. Logical Choice Microsoft Office Excel 2013: Part 2 Electronic Training Bundle,
available in bookstore, Tuesday, 10/14. ISBN: 1424620619.