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Adaptive Learning

Astronomy 101

5 credits

A survey course in astronomy, intended for non-science majors. Studies such topics as: the solar system, stellar evolution, galaxies and cosmology.

Instructor: Linda Khandro


You're an individual.


Shouldn't your learning be, too?


Experience the latest software technology used to adapt learning to the individual student's needs.  Called adaptive learning, the technology allows for course content to respond to the individual student's pace and learning, adapting to fit his or her needs. Those needs are identified by each student through his or her interactions with the course and the instructor.


While this is a pilot of the technology, students who successfully complete this course will receive standard college credit, along with the experience of participating in a new approach to online learning.


This innovative program is the result of a collaborative effort involving Shoreline, CogBooks Ltd., Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.