Shoreline’s Nursing Assistant Certified program is being restructured, and will be offered starting next winter, January 2017. Sign up to be notified when the program reopens.


Program Specialist

Eve Sternberg





Nursing Assistant Certified

This certificate program prepares students for entry into one of the highest demand positions in the health care field. Nursing assistants work with registered nurses and LPNs in hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.


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Class Times

  • Class times for the new program will be established and published here prior to the program start in January 2017.


Class Basics

This course is designed to help students prepare for the Washington State exam for Nursing Assistants as well as prepare them for the workforce. The class is split into three parts that include: 1) theory 2) skills and 3) clinical experience. Clinical work is done offsite at a residential care facility where students use the skills learned in the lab and class.