Health Professional Preparation Program


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Nursing as a profession has several levels of training and licensing.


CNA = Certified Nursing Assistant

This is a short term training program, usually three months or less. More about CNA. See also our iBest program for nursing assistants.


LPN = Licensed Practical Nurse

This is the first level of nursing professionals. Education and training to become an LPN takes between 2 and 3 years. This program is not available at Shoreline Community College. Some local schools who offer LPN training are: Everett CC, Lake Washington Technical College, North Seattle CC, Renton Technical College, and South Seattle CC.


RN = Registered Nurse

This is the most common level of professional nursing. Education and practical training are extensive and typically takes about four years. Training programs are available at community college throughout Washington State, including Shoreline CC, and at several universities. More about RN programs and preparation entrance. > More About RN programs and preparation for entrance


NP = Nurse Practitioner

A more advanced level of training and licensing, a nurse practitioner works more independently and is usually specialized in a specific area of medicine, such as midwifery, prenatal care, public health, or other. NP programs are usually Masters Degrees, and require that entering students are already an RN and have a Bachelors degree completed in any field. Some Masters Degree programs offer a combined RN and NP education and training for students who have a Bachelors degree, but are not nurses. In Washington State there are three such programs: at Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle University and the University of Washington. Specific prerequisite courses are similar to the prerequisites to RN programs.


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