Quarter-Long Programs


Winter Quarter 2013:
Valencia, Spain

(WCCCSA Program)


Valencia, Spain

  January 4- March 21, 2013  

  The application deadline has been extended to November 20.

  For more information, email Study Abroad or stop by PUB 9303.


  Earn 15 credits towards your Shoreline degree.  2013 Courses:

  • Composition II. Writing and Researching the Travel Experience
  • Introduction to Spanish Literature in Translation
  • Spanish (All Levels)


Stroll the streets of Valencia and discover its rich cultural heritage. Roman, Arabic, Gothic and Baroque influences can be found throughout the city. Well-known for its history and art, it is also a modern, dynamic Mediterranean city, with a population of about one million people making it the third largest city in Spain. Boasting the best climate in all of Spain, the views from the beach are breathtaking. The AIP Language Institute is situated in a central district of the city characterized by quiet residential areas and a wide variety of small local shops. Students spend their spare time shopping, visiting interesting places in town, playing sports and going to bars and discos with their friends.



Spring Quarter 2013:
Florence, Italy


(WCCCSA Program)



Florence, Italy

  March 21- May 31, 2013  

  Application deadline December 4, 2012 (for students purchasing

  the group flight plan) or January 18, 2013 (for students choosing

  to make their own flight arrangements).  For more information, email
  Study Abroad or stop by PUB 9303.


  Earn 15 credits towards your Shoreline degree.  2013 Courses:

  • English 236: Creative Writing I – Fiction
  • English 111: Introduction to Literature
  • Italian Language and Culture (All Levels)


Tuscany is renowned throughout the world for its art, history and beautiful landscape. Florence lies like a jewel in the heart of Tuscany, compact and teeming with piazzas, palaces, churches, museums and markets. Here, in the center of Italy, you will walk in the footsteps of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Petrarch and Dante.


As you walk the narrow and hand-hewn streets, absorb the magnificence of the medieval and renaissance architecture and the beauty of the sculptures that adorn walls and stand in the loggias of their grand piazzas.


Learn the way of Italian living from the lively and intellectual Florentines as you rub elbows with them in small "caffe" bars while enjoying the local cappuccino and panini. Your Italian 'Life and Culture' instructor will help set the stage and serve as your 'cultural informant.'






Quarter 2012

England (WCCCSA Program)

28 -December 7, 2012


Earn 15 credits towards your Shoreline degree.
PHIL: Intro to Philosophy
PHIL: Critical Thinking


Applications Due: June 29, 2012

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For an application or more information contact:
International Education office (Pub 9303)


London is one of the world's business, financial and cultural centers, and its influence on politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts contribute to its status as a major global city. London's population draws from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions, and over 300 languages are spoken within the city. Home to a range of universities, colleges and schools, London has a student population of about 378,000 and is a center of research and development. With all that London has to offer, your stay while studying abroad will be more than worth the while!




JapanFall Quarter 2012
2012 Dates: Sept 25-Dec 4


Earn 15 credits towards your Shoreline Degree:

2011 Courses:
Humanities: Japanese Language and Culture
Art: Introduction to Art
Art: Beginning Digital Photography


While in Japan, the group will be hosted by the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT), a university focused on teaching science and engineering for the 21st century.   KAIT is located in Atsugi, known as a campus town full of young people. Atsugi is also known as "techno town" as it is a center for major companies such as Sony, Nissan, Canon and Richoh. Close to the exciting cities of Tokyo and Yokohama the campus provides an ideal location for student life and exploration.


Japan offers a rich environment of arts, culture and history where centuries-old traditions exist in contrast with ultra-modern life-styles. Experience Sumo wrestling, Kabuki Theater, ancient castles and temples dating back to the days of the Samurai warriors. How about some trendy Tokyo street fashions (wild and crazy) in the Harajuku district, the latest in high technology, electronics and gadgetry, anime, and a city that never sleeps.   Tokyo has many faces and each neighborhood is unique and has its own distinct character. From the elegant Ginza shopping district, historical Asakusa, to the trend-setting Harajuku and Shinjuku wards, the fascination is endless.


An experienced Community College faculty member will lead the group and teach the curriculum along with local faculty members.   Local program managers will serve as hosts and advisors and will arrange for Japanese students to serve as student ambassadors.   These students will assist with language, customs and cultural adjustments and also serve as guides when traveling to Tokyo and exploring the city. It is a great opportunity to practice their English, so everybody wins!


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AustraliaWinter Quarter 2013
Australia & New Zealand
2012 Dates: January 3rd -March 10th, 2012


Earn 15 credits towards your Shoreline degree:
-Humanities: Peoples of the World-Australasian Life and Culture
-History: History of Australasia
-Biology: Australian/New Zealand Ecology


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Melbourne is situated in southeastern Australia. It is one of the great livable cities of the world, noted for its diversity, vitality, and sophistication, a center for arts and culture with ready access to the wonders of Australia's natural history. This makes Melbourne a cosmopolitan, harmonious and dynamic city in which to live and study and Newman College is in an ideal location to enjoy all the activities that the city presents.


The next five weeks will be spent in Auckland, New Zealand where you will experience Maori culture, New Zealand's natural attractions and culture. Auckland is perhaps the most vibrant and bustling multi-cultural city in the world with it's urban environment, beautiful beaches, hiking trails and glistening harbors.




2013 Quarter-Long Programs

Fall 2013- Cape Town, South Africa


For information contact Larry Fuell.