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Dropping Courses/Withdrawal Policies

If you wish to drop (or stop attending) a class you must "officially" do so by completing a Schedule Change Form. There are deadlines for making schedule changes, including dropping courses. It is your responsibility to know these deadlines. If you do not officially drop a course but have stopped attending, you risk failing the class and having a 0.0 grade on your permanent college transcript.


Here are some suggestions to follow before you decide to withdraw from (drop) a class:

  • Discuss your concerns with your instructor.
  • Discuss your decision to drop courses with your parents/guardians.
  • Be aware of your high school graduation requirements. If you are dropping a class required for
  • graduation, make sure you have a plan to complete that requirement.
  • Consider how withdrawing will affect your transcript.
  • Consider future Financial Aid implications.
  • Speak with a Running Start advisor if you have further questions or concerns about dropping
  • classes and to process your withdrawal.


Withdrawal Timelines:

First 10 days of the quarter:
If you withdraw during the first two weeks of the quarter, no record of the class will appear on
your transcript. If you withdraw from a course, you will not receive credit for the course.


11th through the 20th day of the quarter:
During this period withdrawing from class(es) requires signed approval or email permission from the instructor and a Running Start advisor. A "W" will appear on the transcript. This will not affect your GPA and no credit will be earned.


20th day through last day of the quarter:
Withdrawal with a grade of "W" is possible with instructor signature or emailed approval through the first day of the seventh week. From the second day of the seventh week, the student should contact the instructor directly to discuss late withdrawal grading options of "Z" (hardship withdrawal) or "V" (unofficial withdrawal). No "W" grades will be issued after the first day of the seventh week.


Having "W's" on your transcript may impact your acceptance at some four-year universities and
your chances of receiving financial aid. If you are thinking about withdrawing from a class, discuss it with your high school counselor, parents/guardians and a Running Start advisor.


If you stop attending a course, you must officially withdraw from the course. Failure to officially
withdraw may result in a 0.0 (failing grade) being assigned at the end of the quarter. Even if you have never attended, you must officially withdraw from the course.